A Century-Old Tale: Adnams Tally-Ho Beer

Take a journey back in time and discover the history of a beloved beer! Adnams Brewery records from over 140 years ago offer you an incredible opportunity to witness how one brew has evolved over the past century. Follow the tallies and explore the past to uncover how this beer has changed, improved, and conquered taste buds around the world. All aboard the Tally-Ho!

Tally HO – A Beer’s Century-long Journey

Adnams Brewery records offer a unique glimpse into the past - more than 140 years of beer production. If you're looking for an interesting beer-related story, look no further than Tally Ho, originally produced under the ownership of Robert Adnams and now celebrated by Adnams Brewery as one of their popular products.

Tally Ho is a Trappist-style beer, otherwise known as an Abbey beer, that is believed to have originated in the West Country of England. Long before the present day beer styles were developed, the name Trappist was used to describe an ale brewed at a monastery. Tally Ho first appeared in the late 1800s, and its story helps to illustrate the development of modern beer production, from ancient recipes to the more complex and varied styles enjoyed today.

The Story of Tally Ho

Adnams Brewery records dating back to 1878 offer a great opportunity: A chance to see how one beer changed over the course of more than a century. Robert Adnams, a 20 year old inn-keeper in Southwold, released his first beers in the late 1800s. One of the first beers brewed was the Tally Ho pale ale. It was initially brewed in a small, 10-barrel brew house, with many of the ingredients coming from local farms and people.

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Tally Ho was an ale, though quite different from what is brewed today. It was brewed as a single mash, a method where all of the grains are combined together in one raising and high fermentation tank. The resulting beer was light-bodied and had a strong hop aroma.

Tally Ho’s Evolution

Tally Ho went through several changes and iterations over the years. As the brewing process has changed with modern technology, so too, has the beer. By the turn of the century, the beer had been changed to a bottom-fermented variety, which better suited the public taste for lagers. The ale was lighter in both body and taste, and had a more subtle hop presence.

By the 1970s, the beer had changed again, this time to a pale lager-style beer. It was still brewed to be light and refreshing, but the hop character was all but completely gone. The beer was further adjusted in the 1990s to better fit the UK market.

Return of a Classic

In the 2000s, Adnams decided to return Tally Ho to its original roots. The beer is now brewed as a traditional Trappist-style ale. The yeast is a divine mix of malt, hops and wheat that makes the beer light and crisp with a pleasant hop aroma. It is no longer brewed with just a single mash, but is blended with other varieties of barley malt, hops, and wheat.

Adnams has also tweaked the recipe to ensure that the hops give the beer a tasteful hint of bitterness on the finish. This is what sets Tally Ho apart from other beers. Its light flavour and crisp finish make it an easy drinking beer that can be enjoyed by all beer drinkers.

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A Modern Sporting Aid

Tally Ho has become somewhat of a modern sporting aid. It is particularly popular among runners and cyclists who enjoy the beer after a long day on the trails and roads. The light body and crisp finish make it a great accompaniment to outdoor activities.

The beer has also become popular with beer enthusiasts who are looking for something a little different. It’s a refreshing and pleasant beer that offers a nice change of pace from other styles. It’s a beer that truly has a story to tell.

The Road Ahead

Adnams Brewery has long been committed to keeping the tradition of Tally Ho alive. They have preserved the style of the original beer while also making a few adjustments over the years. The brewery proudly celebrates the beer’s 140-year history and looks forward to many more years of brewing and enjoying Tally Ho.

The Benefits of Tally Ho

  • Light and refreshing beer with a crisp finish
  • Unique Trappist-style ale that is brewed with a mix of malt, hops and wheat.
  • A modern sporting aid, popular among runners and cyclists.
  • A part
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