A Hopservatory Of Stars and Beer!

At Worthy Brewing in Bend, Ore., beer-lovers can now enjoy the perfect combination of wort and universe with the opening of the country's first "Hopservatory". Visitors can now not just sip on an IPA, but also gaze into the night sky through a 16-inch RCOS based telescope and observe stars, galaxies, planets and more in Real time. Come and explore the outer-realms of beer and astronomy at Worthy Brewing's Hopservatory.

Oregon’s Worthy Brewing has become the first brewery in the US to open its own astrophysics observatory, complete with a 16-inch telescope that offers a new and unique experience for local beer drinkers. Located at the brewery in Bend, the observatory has been named the “Hopservatory” and was designed and built by Worthy scholars.

A Look Inside The Hopservatory

The Hopservatory is comprised of two main components – the sky visible observatory and the event space. The observatory, located on the fourth floor balcony of the brewery building, consists of a 16-inch RCOS-based Ritchey-Chrétien telescope and an 8-foot dome. Inside the dome sitting atop the telescope is a full-motion camera system that allows patrons to capture images of stars, galaxies, and more.

The event space is the second half of the Hopservatory and consists of an outdoor deck, telescope, LED lighting, and a giant nebular mural. The event space can accommodate up to 100 guests and will serve beer, cider, and snacks. Customizable experiences, including star parties, private events, and astronomy lessons are also available.

Exciting Opportunities With The Hopservatory

In addition to providing a unique experience for beer drinkers, the Hopservatory also provides some exciting opportunities for scientists and amateur astronomers alike. Worthy Brewing is collaborating with Central Oregon’s Tower Theatre Foundation to host star parties and other events that will allow attendees to learn more about astronomy. The brewery will also be opening up its space to those interested in astrophotography to take in an unparalleled view of the night sky.

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The Hopservatory also offers an invaluable opportunity for astrophysicists and astronomers to use Worthy’s telescope to study and collect data of the night sky, which can lead to new discoveries and further deepen our understanding of the universe. In addition, the data collected can be shared with the general public through the brewery’s website.

A New Way To Enjoy Beer

As beer lovers and astronomy enthusiasts have long known, there’s no better way to spend time having a few drinks than by looking up at the night sky. The Hopservatory is an innovative way to merge these two passions, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for beer drinkers of all types. From sipping on an IPA or cider to gazing at the stars, beer drinkers can now find something new and exciting to enjoy at Worthy Brewing.

What to Expect at The Hopservatory

  • 16-inch RCOS-based Ritchey-Chrétien Telescope
  • Full-motion Camera System
  • Outdoor Deck
  • LED Lighting
  • Giant Nebular Mural
  • Customizable Experiences
  • Star Parties
  • Astronomy Lessons
  • Astrophotography

Not Your Average Brewery Experience

Worthy Brewing’s Hopservatory is much more than your average brewery. With its 16-inch telescope and customizable experiences, the brewery offers something new and exciting for locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re sipping on an IPA or exploring the universe, the Hopservatory makes for a unique and memorable experience.

Optimizing Your Experience At The Hopservatory

In order to maximize your experience at the Hopservatory, there are a few things you should keep in mind. To ensure the best visibility while stargazing, it’s important to arrive early and give the telescope time to adjust to the dark. Additionally, the telescope requires time to cool down, so plan accordingly. Finally, be sure to dress appropriately for the weather and bring along a flashlight.

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Rocket to New Heights At Worthy Brewing's Hopservatory

With its innovative Hopservatory, Worthy Brewing is bringing a unique combination of beer and science to Oregon. From private events and star parties to astrophotography, the Hopservatory provides an unforgettable experience that is sure to take beer drinking to new heights

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