Arizona's Craft Beer Pioneer: Jonathan Buford

Under the leadership of Jonathan Buford, Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company is giving Phoenix-area craft beer drinkers something to call their own. Through strictly local venture, Buford is helping to advance Arizona’s beer-drinking culture with a brewery fully dedicated to homegrown flavor. Join us in learning more about story behind the local success and their ambitious mission to bring their community a taste they can truly call their own.

Jonathan Buford at the Helm of Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company

With craft beer becoming a bigger and bigger market throughout the United States, it would seem that Arizona is one of the last places you'd think of having their own craft brewery. Surprisingly, Jonathan Buford has taken upon himself to change this narrative and make Arizona a state that takes craft beer seriously.

What is Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company?

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company started in 2013 as a strictly local venture with the goal of creating something for the region that could allow Phoenix-area craft enthusiasts something to be proud of and call their own. Jonathan Buford, a man born and raised in Arizona decided that it was his goal to bring craft beer to his home state and create a truly unique experience.

The Philosophy behind Wilderness Brewing Company

It's thanks to Jonathan Buford's love of Arizona and its natural landscapes that he was able to craft a philosophy behind his company. The idea behind Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company is to capture the love of exploration and adventure that seem to come so naturally when you think of the wild areas in Arizona. This sense of exploration even extends to beer brewing, as Jonathan and his team are committed to exploring new flavors and combinations to create a truly remarkable selection of craft beers in their brewery.

Unique Offerings of Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company

There is truly something for everyone at Arizona Wilderness. Buford and his brewing team specialize in creating beers that not only capture the spirit of Arizona, but also incorporate unique ingredients that you would not normally find in other craft beers. From sour ales with apple-pear purees from local farms, to cream ales with Arizona Saguaro syrup, Jonathan and his team always have something new and unique to offer.

How Arizona Wilderness Supports Local Businesses

Part of Jonathan Buford's mission when creating Arizona Wilderness was to give back to the communities and businesses that help make this state what it is. To do this, Jonathan and his team made sure to partner and support local farms, businesses, and organizations whenever possible.

Local Farm Partners

With Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company's mission to utilize as much local ingredient as possible, they have forged long-term partnerships with local farms to provide them with the freshest and most flavorful ingredients:

  • Apple Dumpling Farms
  • 1880 Dairy Farms
  • Gallo Farms
  • Rideaux’s Heritage Farms

Support for Small Businesses

Since 2013, Arizona Wilderness has made it their mission to support, collaborate and partner with small businesses in all corners of Arizona. Jonathan and his team created an event called the GABF Wideness Roadtrip, to bring more attention to local businesses and their unique offerings.

Examples of Small Businesses Supported by Arizona Wilderness

  1. Papo-Loco's in Glendale
  2. BK Tacos in Phoenix
  3. Cohn's Grill in Prescott
  4. Tinnell's Family Grill in Tucson

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company is a Force to be Reckoned With

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company has already been the recipient of multiple awards throughout the years and has established itself as one of the top craft breweries in Arizona. With an unbeatable lineup of truly unique beers and a philosophy that revolves around paying it forward to local businesses, it's no wonder why Jonathan Buford and his team have been so successful.

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