Brewer Edward Westbrook's Successful Journey

When the state of South Carolina lifted its cap on beer alcohol content, the craft beer revolution was ignited! One man who has been leading the movement is Edward Westbrook, the owner/brewer behind Westbrook Brewing Company in Mt. Pleasant. Try one of his award-winning beers, and taste why craft beer lovers flock to Westbrook Brewing from around the nation!

Edward Westbrook has taken the craft beer industry of South Carolina by storm since the state lifted its cap on beer's alcohOl content. A seasoned brewer and entrepreneur who has been making beer for almost two decades, Edward Westbrook is the founder of Westbrook Brewing Company in Mt. Pleasant and is among the pioneers of craft beer in the state.

Westbrook Brewing Company started in 2010 and has flourished ever since the cap on beer alcohol content was lifted in the state. Edward Westbrook has been receiving critical and commercial acclaim for his craft beers, which have won a long list of awards. Read on to find out more about Edward Westbrook, his brewing company, and the craft beer brewing industry he is part of.


Edward Westbrook was born and raised in Mt. Pleasant and graduated from The Citadel military college. After college, he pursued a career in craft beer and has worked in breweries around the nation since then.

This longstanding interest in craft beer led him to establish his own brewing company in 2010. Located in the heart of Mt. Pleasant, the Westbrook Brewing Company began with one man’s passion for quality beer, and has since grown into a thriving business.

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The Brewing Process

Westbrook Brewing Company operates with a 10 barrel brewhouse with a wide variety of hand-crafted ales and lagers. This capacity allows them to produce a great variety of beers such as IPAs, stouts, sours and more.

  • Westbrook sources domestic and imported malts and hops, all of which are of the highest quality.
  • They also have access to a range of alternative ingredients such as herbs, spices, and fruits.
  • The beers are matured in stainless steel vessels, which allow for a precise temperature controlled fermentation.
  • After this, the beers are kegged, bottled and canned, bearing the Westbrook Brewing Company label.

The Beer

Edward Westbrook’s beer has won many awards since the launch of the brewery. His flagship beers include the ‘White Thai’ wheat beer, ‘One Claw’ rye pale ale and ‘Gozu’ imperial stout.

These are all highly rated beers. The ‘White Thai’ has been named an international favorite, and the runner-up in the 2016 World Beer Championship, while other beers like the ‘Gose’ sour beers, have proven to be extremely popular.

These beers are available in Mt. Pleasant restaurants and bars, as well as in supermarkets and other stores throughout South Carolina.

Customer Testimonials

Customers have shared their love for Westbrook Brewing Company’s beers online, with many of them raving about the flavor and quality. Here are a few customer testimonials that highlight the positive reviews:

  1. I have been drinking craft beers for 25 years and the White Thai is right up there with the best wheat beers I have ever tasted. – Mark
  2. The Gozu imperial stout is simply amazing. Bold, rich and wonderfully smooth. – Steve
  3. The One Claw rye pale ale is one of the most balanced and flavorful beers I have ever had. – David
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Awards & Accolades

Edward Westbrook’s beers have been winning awards since the launch of the brewery. Here are some of the key accolades:

  • World Beer Championship runner-up for the White Thai beer in 2016
  • North American Beer Awards gold medal for the ‘Gozu’ speciality beer in 2017
  • US Open Beer Championship gold medal for the ‘One Claw’ rye pale ale in 2017
  • Great American Beer Fest silver medal for the ‘Gose’ sour beer in 2018


Edward Westbrook has made a huge impact on the craft beer industry of South Carolina since its cap was lifted on beer alcohol content. His beers have gained critical and commercial acclaim, and customers have been raving about the flavor and quality of his beers. With a range of gold-medal-winning beers and

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