Breweries Brunch Up with Kegs & Eggs

From beer and food pairings at dinner to midday beer and brunch pairings, the craft beer industry is taking beer and its place at the table to the next level. Kegs and Eggs: Across the Country, Breweries Add Brunch dives into the growing trend of breweries serving up weekend brunch menus, paired with craft beer. Join us as we explore the creative beer pairings designed to enhance the brunch experience in locations across the United States!

Kegs and Eggs: Across the Country, Breweries Add Brunch

When you think about pairing beer with food, your mind likely turns to the classic contenders: beer and brats, beer and oysters, beer and hamburgers. But one type of food often overlooked when it comes to beer pairing is weekend brunch. Across the country, breweries are adding brunch to their menus, and patrons are embracing it with open arms.

The Match Made in Heaven: Beer & Brunch

The combination of beer and brunch is the perfect union. A good brunch menu typically consists of eggs, breakfast meats and other breakfast foods, potatoes, and, of course, a great assortment of pastries and desserts. Many of these items pair especially well with beer. Eggs and potatoes are especially versatile pairings; they play well with many different styles of beer, allowing breweries to get creative in their pairings.

Brunch Beer Styles

At breweries, brunch is the perfect opportunity to showcase a range of beer styles. Here are some of the styles you might find on a brewery brunch menu:

  • Pale Ale: Pale ales have the perfect balance of hop bitterness and malt sweetness and are light enough to be refreshing when paired with brunch.
  • Session IPA: Session IPAs have all of the hop character and flavor of an IPA in a lighter-bodied beer that doesn’t overpower brunch dishes.
  • Belgian-Style Strong Ale: Belgian-style strong ales are full-bodied and malty, making them a great complement to richer brunch dishes like bacon, sausage, and quiche.
  • Stout: Stouts are a great choice when you want a brunch beer that has a bit of a kick. They pair well with sweet dishes such as pancakes and waffles.
  • Saison: Saisons are light and slightly spicy, with a hint of fruitiness. They pair well with omelets and frittatas, as well as sweet breakfast pastries.
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Brewery Brunch Features

In addition to beer, many breweries have begun to offer special brunch features. For example, some breweries offer breakfast flights, which are a selection of four or five breakfast-themed beers served in smaller glasses in one sitting. Other breweries have tapped into their culinary ingenuity and are offering specialized beer brunches with dishes specifically designed to pair with beers. Additionally, some breweries are experimenting with beer cocktails that are specifically designed for brunch.

The Rise in Popularity of Brewery Brunch

Brewery brunch is becoming increasingly popular across the United States. As more and more breweries are adding brunch to their menus, patrons are taking notice and flocking to their local brewery for weekend brunch. This trend has been especially noticeable in the last few years, as more and more breweries are embracing the idea of offering a social brunch experience.

Breweries are also adding brunch-specific events and specials to their offerings. Some have begun to offer “boozy brunches” with open bars, while others have experimented with special brunch menus, such as “bottomless brunches” with a variety of specialty beers and dishes.

Benefits of Brewery Brunch

Brewery brunch offers a number of benefits, both for breweries and their patrons. First, it helps to create a social atmosphere at the brewery. Brewery brunch allows people to come together to enjoy food, beverages, and conversation over a leisurely weekend meal. Additionally, brewery brunch can help boost a brewery’s revenue and raise more brand awareness.

Another benefit is that it can provide a unique opportunity for breweries to showcase their beers and culinary skills. By offering food that is carefully paired with different beer styles, breweries can provide a unique experience for their customers. This in turn helps to create a loyal customer base who will return to the brewery time and time again.

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Tips for Brewing Up the Perfect Brunch

For breweries looking to get started with brunch, here are some tips for success:

  1. Choose a menu that pairs well with beer: When planning a brunch menu, it’s important to choose dishes that are complementary to beer. Consider items such as Eggs Benedict, French Toast, and Waffles, which all pair well with a variety
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