Brews & Buzzcuts: A Winning Combination

Love a cold beer while getting your hair cut? Barbershops across the U.S. are capitalizing on the trend and have begun offering beer as an enticing perk to customers sitting in their chairs. Find out how these shops have created a unique atmosphere and grown their businesses by serving up local beer!

Buzzed Cuts: Barbers Entice Customers by Offering Beer

Having a beer while getting your hair cut may seem like a strange combination. However, it has become increasingly popular in the US. From Washington to Tennessee, barbershops across the US that have embraced the relationship between local beer and the barber's chair say the bond has proven to be a boon for their business.

These barbershops have found a way to make the barber experience more enjoyable by adding beer to their menu. They're catering to a specific demographic – one that likes a cold beer while they get their haircut. Customers can also buy beer to take home or enjoy it in the shop.

What Does Beer Bring to the Barber Shop?

In addition to providing an enjoyable experience for customers, the presence of beer in barber shops brings many advantages. One of the benefits for customers is the ability to relax. Sitting in a barber chair for a long period of time can often be uncomfortable and having a cold beer can make the process much more enjoyable.

Another benefit is that offering beer often makes the atmosphere of the barber shop more welcoming and exclusive. It’s an invite-only type of club, with only customers who understand the concept and appreciate the beer getting the chance to be a part of it. As a result, the barber shop can establish an identity and gain loyalty from loyal customers.

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Finally, offering beer is also a great way to make the barber shop more profitable. The cost of providing beer often isn’t very high, so barber shops can charge a little more for the service of providing a cold beer on the side. This can make the whole experience much more enjoyable for customers, thus helping to make the barber shop more successful.

What Are the Advantages of Beer in Barber Shop?

  • Provides an enjoyable and relaxing experience for customers
  • Establishes identity and loyalty
  • Helps barber shop to be more profitable

What Types of Beer Are Available?

The types of beer available in barber shops vary from place to place. Generally, barbershops offer local craft beers from microbreweries, as well as domestic and imported beers. The selection of beer is typically rotated seasonally, so customers can enjoy something new each time.

In addition to offering beer, some barber shops also offer other activities for their customers. Beer pong, shuffleboard, and pool are all popular activities that can be coupled with beers to create an all-encompassing and enjoyable experience for customers.

Tips for Barbers When Offering Beer

If barbers are thinking about introducing beer to their barber shop, there are a few tips they should consider.

  1. Use licensed beer: Barbers must make sure to use professionally licensed beer at their shops. Many states and local governments have specific rules regarding the sale and consumption of alcohol.
  2. Stay within a budget: Beer is not a necessity, and barbers should make sure they are making smart financial decisions when stocking their shop’s bar.
  3. Be aware of customer safety: Barbers should be aware of the safety of their customers. Customers should only be served one beer at a time, and barbers should always refuse customers if it appears they’ve had too much to drink.
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Offering beer in the barber shop is a great way to make the experience better for customers. Not only is it a great way to relax, but it can also help barbers to be more profitable. However, barbers should make sure to follow state and local laws, and use caution when serving customers. With the right planning and execution, beer can be a great addition to any barber shop.

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