Celebrating Four Years: Paul Philippon of Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery

Four years ago, Paul Philippon and the Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery took on a daring mission: defy the beer world's status quo by producing high-quality craft beers that flew in the face of convention. Now, four years later, as the brewery celebrates its fourth birthday, the cynics have been silenced and Duck Rabbit's dark, full-bodied, flavorful beers have become a staple throughout the Southeast. This August, raise a glass and join in the celebration of four successful years of craft beer from Paul Philippon and Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery.

Paul Philippon of Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery

Paul Philippon is the founder of Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery and has been providing full-bodied, flavorful beer to the Southeast United States for the past four years. Celebrating their fourth birthday this August, the brewery has proven all the skeptics wrong, making Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery one of the top-leading craft breweries in the region.

Paul Philippon's Background

Growing up in Michigan, Paul had a hankering for craft brewing early on. As a student in college, Paul worked at a local brewery in his hometown, learning about the different processes for making beer recipes and perfecting the art of craft brewing.

After college, Paul moved to North Carolina and started his own brewery, The Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery. Dedicated to improving upon traditional beer styles and pushing the boundaries of craft beer, Paul has been successful in developing a market for his small but ever-growing brewery.

The Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery

The Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery celebrates its fourth birthday this August. That’s four years of plying the Southeast with dark, full-bodied, flavorful beers—and proving the cynics wrong. Drawing from classic American and German beer styles, Duck Rabbit focuses on introducing new flavors and combinations with each brew.

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Best Selling Beers

  • Milk Stout
  • Brown Ale
  • Hoppy Bunny American IPA
  • Dark Lager
  • Maibock
  • Cowbell India Pale Ale

Each of the Duck Rabbit's beers have won numerous awards, such as the 2015 Silver Medal in the Great American Beer Festival competition and the 2014 Gold Medal at the World Beer Cup. Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery is also well-known for its innovative collaborations with other craft breweries that have resulted in exceptional brews.

Brewer's Tips

Paul Philippon offers tips for new craft beer brewers:

  1. Keep it simple - less is more when it comes to complex beer recipes.
  2. Consistency is key - cover all your main ingredients, recipes, and brewing process.
  3. Experiment - try different flavors, hops, and other beer ingredients.
  4. Focus on quality - this will ensure repeat customers.
  5. Enjoy what you're doing - making craft beer should be satisfying!

The Future of Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery

As The Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery enters their fifth year, they are looking towards the future. One of the brewery’s primary goals is to focus on the sustainability of their operations and the environment, while continuing to provide high-quality and flavorful beers. The brewery has already taken steps to reduce their energy consumption, increase their recyclable materials, and take better care of their local environment.

Moving forward, the Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery plans to continue to innovate, inspire, and prove the skeptics wrong. With four years of success and a solid foundation for the future, Paul Philippon and The Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery are set to continue to bring quality craft beer to the Southeast for many years to come.

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