Climbing to the Top: Peruvian Craft Beer

Peru is quickly becoming South America's craft beer capital, with Peruvian beer now available straight from the mountain. With the culinary scene in Peru progressing at an unprecedented rate, the country's craft brewing scene is now finally getting the attention it deserves. Find out what makes these amazing craft beers so special, and make sure you get a taste of it soon.

Top of the World: Peruvian Beer Comes Down From the Mountain

As the South American culinary scene continues to progress at an astounding rate, its craft brewing scene has begun to catch up. It started in countries like Chile and Brazil. Now Peru has joined the fray, too.

Believe it or not, Peru has a long history of beer production. For centuries, numerous microbreweries have produced beer in individual villages. But until recently, craft beer had failed to really take off. Small batches of beer styles were only available in local bars and pubs, never reaching the wider market.

However, the microbrewing scene is now flourishing. From the high Andes mountains to the salty coastline, beer makers are now creating a variety of flavors and styles that emphasizes the intricacies of this vibrant culture.

Peruvian Beers for Every Occasion

Peruvian beer is as diverse as its landscape. From session ales to imperial stouts, you can find fruity or malty options to suit any palate. The range of styles is truly comprehensive, featuring honey wheat, pilsner, cream ales, dark ales, sours, and even Belgian-style Tripels.

In addition, Peruvian craft beers also incorporate some of the country's unique ingredients. Examples include exotic fruits, like lúcuma and arrayán, that make for some incredibly flavorful and unique beers.

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Traditional Ancient Techniques

What’s more, some Peruvian craft beers take advantage of ancient brewing techniques to create truly unique beers. For example, some beers still use coca leaves. This practice is thought to be incredibly ancient, and has been incorporated in the brewing process for over 5,000 years.

Also popular is the use of native Peruvian yeasts, which gives each beer its own distinct flavor. In addition, many brewers incorporate traditional fruits and spices, creating combinations that have become uniquely Peruvian.

From Mountain to Coast

Contrary to popular belief, Peruvian beers can be found all over the country. From the capital of Lima to the chic coastal towns, craft beer bars are popping up in cities and towns across the Peruvian landscape.

Lima, for example, is the heart of the craft beer movement. Here you can find increasingly popular bars and pubs, serving up both classic and unique bevies. Another great spot to get great beer is the beach town of Máncora. Here, you can find some of the best craft beer made with various local fruits and spices.

New Wave of Beer Makers

The popularity of Peruvian craft beer is growing. Thanks to interesting flavors, unique brewing methods, and a culturally diverse population, the country has finally embraced its beer culture. This newfound appreciation has attracted a new wave of brewers who are passionate about expanding the craft beer scene.

The most influential craft beer makers are Cerveceria Cruz Blanca. Since its founding in 1877, this company has long been a leader in the craft beer industry. Now owned by a group of local entrepreneurs, Cerveceria Cruz Blanca is reinventing the craft beer market. With an ever-growing selection of flavors and styles, Cruz Blanca's beers are now available in bars and supermarkets all over Peru.

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A Beer for Everyone

The craft beer movement in Peru is truly something special. Instead of mass-produced lagers, you can now find a beer to suit any palate. From session ales to imperial stouts, you can find a beer for every occasion, making it easier to enjoy the diverse culture of Peru.

Guidelines to Enjoy Peruvian Craft Beer

  • Visit craft beer bars and pubs in the major cities and on the coast.
  • Sample a variety of styles to find beer that suits your tastes.
  • Look for unique ingredients, like lúcuma and arrayán, to get the best Peruvian experience.
  • Don't be afraid to try something different. There's a beer for everyone.

Where to Buy Peruvian Craft Beer

If you're keen to purchase some Peruvian craft beer for yourself, here are the most popular places you can buy it:

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