Craft Beer and Cheese at The Birch, Norfolk VA

Are you tired of the same old beer offerings in your local bar? This curiosity is opening up a world in Norfolk, Virginia. The Birch is offering a revolutionary experience for craft beer and cheese aficionados. They specialize in “craft artisanal European crazy hard to say beer and cheese” featuring local Virginia breweries alongside national favorites. With a colorful chalkboard tap list, The Birch is worth the visit!

Norfolk, Virginia is home to an exciting craft beer and cheese experience called The Birch. This distinctive pub provides an expansive selection of unique drinks and food to its customers. With a variety of beers and cheeses from breweries and dairies from near and far, The Birch lives up to its reputation for finding the perfect balance of taste and variety.

The Tap List

The Birch sets itself apart from other pubs and taprooms in Norfolk, Virginia with its colorful chalkboard tap list.

  • The list combines Virginia breweries like Champion and Smartmouth.
  • National mainstays like Allagash and Left Hand are also featured.

With a constantly rotating selection of craft beers and artisanal ciders, The Birch ensures that craft beer enthusiasts in Norfolk, Virginia will never miss out on the best of Virginia or the country offerings.

The Perfect Selection of Beers and Cheeses

The Birch takes pride in its selection of craft beer, but its website advertises a specialization in “craft artisanal European crazy hard to say beer and cheese.” This phrase may seem daunting, but it simply means that The Birch offers a wide variety of flavors from different areas of the world. From Belgian lambics to German bocks, The Birch offers something for every pallet.

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The Birch is also commited to supporting local businesses. Customers can find local cheeses from family-owned stores like The Cheese Shop in Norfolk, Virginia. These cheeses provide a unique flavor and an amazing experience. The Birch's staff will guide customers in choosing the perfect beer or cheese to match their tastes.

A Relaxing Atmosphere

The Birch is an inviting and soothing place to unwind. Whether customers are new to craft beers or if they are long-time connoisseurs, this taproom creates a fun and exciting atmosphere for all. During nice weather, The Birch also has an outdoor patio for customers to enjoy their beers and cheeses surrounded by natural beauty.


The Birch also features regular events to celebrate its mission and its craft beers. From beer dinners to beer and cheese pairing classes, The Birch provides its guests with the perfect opportunity to learn more about the craft beer industry and sample delicious, regional beers.

The Birch also participates in local festivals and hosts private events, like birthdays and corporate outings. If you’re looking to have a unique experience surrounded by friends and craft beers, The Birch is the perfect place to be.

The Perfect Combination of Beer and Cheese

The Birch combines craft beers and artisanal cheeses to create an experience that is unique and enjoyable. The chalkboard tap list brings together the best of local and national beer to create the perfect balance of taste and variety. The selection of cheeses is just as impressive, with options ranging from local operations to up-and-coming artisanal producers. The Birch takes its mission very seriously, and it shows through the quality of its selection and its attention to detail.

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If you’re looking for a pub experience unlike any other, The Birch in Norfolk, Virginia is the perfect place for you. From its expansive and thoughtful selection of craft beers and artisanal cheeses to its welcoming atmosphere, The Birch provides the perfect recipe for a great night out. With its constantly rotating tap list and ever-expanding selection of local and international cheese, The Birch ensures that customers from near and far will never miss out on a delicious and unique beverage or food experience.

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