Crafting Big IPAs Down Under

From the inspiring sights and flavors of the great American West to the land down under, Grant and Jaz Wearin have taken their love of big IPAs to Australia with the opening of Modus Operandi Brewing Company. Follow their journey from Colorado to the rolling mountains of the American Northwest, and find out the secrets behind a brewery crafting some of the boldest IPAs around.

Modus Operandi Brewing Company is putting Australia on the map by bringing their thematic Big IPAs down under.
Grant and Jaz Wearin, formally homebrewers, established Modus Operandi in 2013. Having been critical members of the Northern Beaches' independent craft beer community, their inspiration for branching out into their own brewery struck when they embarked on a great American road trip that kicked off in Colorado and continued through the rolling mountains of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, winding back down the West Coast.

While on this inspiring trip, they were determined to bring the unique experience of American IPAs back to Australia. As modern beer drinkers, Grant and Jaz were entranced by the variety of styles in the USA and the smell, taste and flavour of the brews they encountered along the way.

The Creation of Modus Operandi

After four weeks of making beer the pair returned to Australia, determined to make their journey a reality. The result was Modus Operandi Brewing Company, based in Mona Vale, New South Wales. It was the first commercial beer outpost on the Northern Beaches, inspiring Grant and Jaz’s quest for innovation of flavours, styles and trends.

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What makes Modus Operandi Brewing Company stand out from its competitors is its dedication to pushing the boundaries and pushing out only the highest quality beers possible. They have achieved this through their commitment to using the best ingredients, using the best processes, and ensuring that all aspects of production are always of the highest standard that craft beer enthusiasts have come to expect from Modus Operandi.

Big IPAs Down Under

The Drive Through IPA is Modus Operandi’s signature beer, featuring a deliciously bitter profile and an abundance of flavours and aromatic sinfulness. It has won numerous awards, such as the 2017 Craft Beer Award Gold Medal for American-Style India Pale Ale, and has become a popular addition to Modus Operandi’s unique range of Big IPAs that are dominate the beer scene in Australia.

What Is an IPA?

IPA stands for India Pale Ale, and while it shares some similarities with pale ales, it is a distinct style and is commonly known for its aggressive bitterness and crisp mouth-watering finish. IPAs typically range from 5% to 7.5% ABV, with a hop-forward flavour profile, usually dominated by aromatic characters coming from the hops.

Modus Operandi’s IPA Range

Modus Operandi have 6 core beer range, 4 seasonal releases and an ever-rotating range of one-off beers that are available from the brewery. Here is a breakdown of what each can expect from the current range of IPAs:

  • Drive Through IPA - A bright, flavourful and balanced IPA.
  • Coconut Nitro Mochaccino - A coconut-infused, sweet and creamy IPA.
  • Space Juice Double IPA - An intensely hopped, full flavoured and complex Double IPA.
  • Kookit-A-Pale - A soft and juicy Session Pale ale.
  • Citrus Addict IPA - A citrusy, hop-forward and dry IPA.
  • King Juice IPA - A big, bold and balanced Double IPA.
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In addition to these beers, Modus Operandi also have a range of experimental and limited edition brews. Recent releases have included the Coconut Double IPA, a refreshing Summer IPA, the Hazy Lord IPA, and the Imperial White IPA. All of these beers represent Modus Operandi’s commitment to innovation and discovery, evident in their playful use of ingredients that create unique and balanced flavours.

It is clear to see that Modus Operandi has a passion for crafting unique, complex and tasty beers, and as a result, they have built an undeniably legendary reputation in the craft beer scene.
From humble beginnings on the beaches of Northern Australia to international acclaim, Modus Operandi Brewing Company has pushed the boundaries of flavour and style with their innovative Big IPAs that represent the culture, character and enthusiasm of Australian craft beer.

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