Crafting Southwest Flavor: Ted Rice at Marble Brewery

After years of travel, Ted Rice has found his home in the brewing industry of New Mexico. Joining a vibrant community of both professional and homebrewers, Rice is embracing the unique "Southwestern regional flavor" that they strive to create. His journey to finding a place in the brewing scene has been one of exploration and new experiences, and his influence among peers and experts is undeniable.

Brewers come in all shapes and sizes, with varying backgrounds and experiences. It's the merging of individual histories that helps create the most interesting, unusual, and delicious craft beers. That's certainly true of Ted Rice, the head brewer of New Mexico's Marble Brewery. His career path has been anything but straight, and his commitment to creating craft beers with a true Southwestern flavor has been inspiring.

From New York to New Mexico

Ted Rice bounced from New York to California to Miami before finding himself as a brewer in New Mexico. Along the way, he studied art, philosophy, and communications, but it was his love of beer that brought him to the Land of Enchantment in 2016. Before taking over as head brewer, Rice served time as a Marketing Manager at Marble Brewery and as a key player in their beer club. His experience and passion for crafting beer has paid off, and today he churns out some deliciously unique and flavorful brews.

A Community of Pro Brewers and Homebrewers

Things clicked for Rice after he fell in with a robust community of pros and homebrewers. Today, Rice and his crew keep the taps flowing with a variety of styles, spanning stout and IPA to bock and Vienna lager. This crew truly believes in bringing strong flavors to the table, pushing what Rice calls “a Southwestern regional flavor.”

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Making the Most of Southwestern Flavors

What does this truly mean for Marble Brewery's beer and the Southwestern flavor? Essentially, Rice is constantly looking for ways to bring out the most intense flavors in his beer, tapping into local ingredients to do so. This creates brews with a combination of citrus, earthy and floral notes, while remaining light on the palate.

Local Collaborations and Global Acknowledgements

Rice has furthered his mission of bringing the Southwest to life in Marble's beers by collaborating with other outfits in the area. In some cases, it's meant working with local food trucks, meaderys, and distilleries, while other events have included team-ups with breweries from around the world. These efforts have all helped add flavor and nuance to Marble's beers, and garnered plenty of global attention. This includes multiple GABF medals.

If You're Ready for Intense, Southwestern Craft Beers, Try Marble Brewery Today

Ted Rice's role in Marble Brewing has been nothing short of groundbreaking, helping to define and shape a unique flavor for the brewery. Thanks to his efforts in sourcing local ingredients, collaborating with regional and international partners, and pushing the limits of what craft beer can do, Marble is 2-0 on prestigious GABF medals.

To date, Rice and the Marble Brewery crew are offering up a balanced portfolio of clean and hop-forward beers. Their current top sellers include the Double White, India Pale Ale, and Vienna Lager. But what could be the star of the show is the Imperial Red Ale, an intensely flavorful beer with notes of grapefruit, earthy pine, and caramel. This is definitely a must-try beer if you're ready to take the plunge into the world of Southwestern craft.

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Tapping into the True Flavor of the Southwest

Ted Rice has come a long way from his days in New York, and even from his former job as a marketing coordinator at Marble. His journey has brought him to the Southwestern tip of the United States, a place where he can make the most of local ingredients, collaborate with outfits from near and far, and truly make a mark on the craft beer world. If you're looking for intense flavors, unique aromas, and a truly regional beer experience, try out some of Marble Brewery's selections from New Mexico.

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