Discovering Beer Innovations

Do you have a passion for beer? Have you ever wondered what beer related inventions have been in the works over the years? Step inside the archives of the US Patent and Trade Office and explore the thousands of beer-related processes, recipes, devices, widgets, gewgaws and other unique inventions -all tied to beer! From cool gadgets to new recipes, find out what inventions have been made for beer throughout history!

Beer Inventions: Exploring the Creative World of Brewing

The world of beer is an ancient one. Brewed by mankind in times immemorial, beer has enjoyed the respect and admiration of many generations of brewing specialists. But not until modern times has organized research yielded so much insight into the subtle complexities of the science and art of beer making. It is no wonder that modern brewers have come up with some truly remarkable inventions, some of which are quite intriguing. A jaunt through the archives of the US Patent and Trade Office reveals thousands of beer-related processes, recipes, devices, widgets, gewgaws and other various and sundry inventions. This article takes a brief look at some of the more remarkable ones.

Brewer's Ladders and Levelers

During the fermentation process, beer must be carefully monitored, as conditions can vary from batch to batch. To make this task easier, inventor William F. Williams developed a unique fermenter that included a perforated metal tube. Called the “Brewer's ladder and leveler,” this cylindrical design provided brewers with the ability to accurately measure the level of suspended solids in the fermenting beer.

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Beer Processing Patents

In the 1950s, beer processing patents had begun to proliferate. Among the inventions then patented are the following:

  • A method for introducing carbon dioxide into beer
  • A method for adding nitrogen to beer
  • A process for the production of concentrated beer extract
  • A device for measuring beer alcohol content
  • A method for preventing foaming during beer filtration

These patented devices and processes allowed beer-makers to increase production and improve product quality.

Unique Beer Records

Another interesting invention is the “Beer Records” machine, developed by Garrett F.R. Lowry in 1949. This device was designed to track beer sales and the proficiency of bar employees. It kept detailed records on the number and type of beer sold, as well as the efficiency and accuracy of the bartenders. In addition to this, it also recorded the amount of beer and soda wasted due to improper pouring technique.

Beer Dispensing Machine

Perhaps one of the most inventive beer inventions of all time is the “Beer Dispensing Machine.” Developed by G.C. Shegelsky in 1948, this machine was designed to provide patrons with an easy way to dispense beer. The device worked by combining the carbon dioxide needed to keep the beer carbonated with the beer itself, creating a consistent and stable pour. In addition, it also featured a patented safety groove that prevented the spilling of beer.

Modern Developments

In today's market, beer-related inventions are still being made. In recent years, a number of new devices have been developed, including hand-held electric scanners that can detect beer freshness and automatically tag bar codes, and electric devices that mix multiple beers into one drink. Such creations have unquestionably helped to streamline the process of beer production and distribution.

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As this brief survey shows, beer-related inventions have come a long way since ancient times. Modern brewers have utilized various technologies and techniques to create effective, efficient ways of crafting and delivering beer. From simple levelers to automated dispensing machines, inventors have continued to push the boundaries of beer-making, ensuring that the quality and availability of beer remain top of the line.

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