Ecuador's Thriving Craft Beer Scene

As Ecuador continues to embrace its newfound love for beer, craft breweries have been popping up all over the country, eager to serve the taste buds of the South American nation's beer enthusiasts. Andes Brewing Company is showing the way for growth, having just upgraded from a 1/2-barrel to a 3-barrel system and becoming a mid-sized craft brewery for Quito. People can't seem to get enough of Cerveza Artesanal and the demand is rapidly increasing, as craft breweries in Ecuador are expanding as quickly as their bank accounts will allow.

Ecuador Taps into Cerveza Artesanal

With the growing craft beer revolution across the world, Ecuador is no exception. Cerveza artesanal, or craft beer, has been gaining traction in the South American country and many of the new producers are reaching their full potential as they expand to meet the demands of a thirsty public.

Craft breweries in Ecuador are thriving due to a combination of consumer interest and government support. The Ecuadorian government has fully embraced craft brewing and continues to promote it by offering incentives to microbreweries. This has helped to increase the number of craft beer producers in the country as well as the variety of beers available for purchase.

One of the key reasons craft beer is so popular in Ecuador is because of the wide range of flavors and styles available. Brewers have been able to experiment with different ingredients, recipes and techniques to create unique and interesting beers. Consumers have had the opportunity to sample these new beers and have really taken a liking to them.

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Andes Brewing Company

The Andes Brewing Company is a prime example of a craft brewery that has taken advantage of growing consumer demand in Ecuador. Founded only two years ago, it has already begun to expand, going from a half-barrel to a three-barrel system, making it a mid-sized craft brewery for Quito. This expansion is indicative of the booming craft beer culture in the country, with many breweries having difficulty keeping up with the exponentially increasing consumer demand.

Breweries Seeing Benefits from Craft Beer Boom

The increased demand for craft beer has had a major benefit for all of the breweries in Ecuador. Many have been able to expand their operations, allowing them to produce more beer, hire additional staff and increase their overall profits.

Not only have the breweries benefited from the popularity of craft beer, there has also been a major economic impact on the country as a whole. The growing craft beer sector has had a positive effect on the nation’s tourism industry and has also created new sources of employment, boosting both local and national economies.

Reaching New Markets

Ecuador’s craft breweries have also been able to reach new markets outside of the country. Their beers have been exported to the United States, Europe, Asia and beyond, allowing them to tap into international customers who are looking for something new and different. This has allowed them to grow their businesses, increase their profits and reach an even wider audience.

The Future of Craft Beer in Ecuador

As the craft beer market continues to grow in Ecuador, there is no doubt that it will continue to benefit the local economy. Consumers will have more options when it comes to craft beer, allowing them to sample beers from all different regions of the country. The breweries will also continue to benefit as they expand their operations and reach new markets.

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The craft beer revolution taking place in Ecuador is a perfect example of how a growing industry can affect a country in a positive way. It has created new sources of employment, allowed breweries to expand, and brought new customers to the country. This can only bode well for the future of craft brewing in the country.


The craft beer revolution taking place in Ecuador is a perfect example of how a growing industry can benefit an entire nation. Thanks to the support of the Ecuadorian government and a renewed interest in craft brewing, the country has been able to tap into a lucrative industry and see positive economic growth. While there are still some challenges that need to be faced, with the right support, the craft beer industry in Ecuador will continue to flourish in the years to come.


  • The craft beer revolution has been embraced by the Ecuadorian government.
  • Breweries in Ecuador have been able to expand their operations due to increased consumer demand.
  • The craft beer industry has had a positive impact on the local and national economy, creating new sources of employment and boosting tourism.
  • Breweries in Ecuador have also been able to reach new international markets, allowing them to increase their profits.
  • With the right support, the craft beer sector in Ecuador will continue to grow in the coming years.
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