Exploring Bamberg's Vibrant Beer Scene

A visit to Bamberg, Germany, is not complete without a taste of the local brew. FiftyFifty Brewing's head brewer and founder, Todd Ashman, shares his deep-rooted passion for the region's traditional and beloved beers. From the minute he set foot in the city, Todd was in awe of the centuries-old breweries, tasting and enjoying the beers, and gaining insight into the history of Bamberg beer and the dedication to upholding its standards. Follow Todd's experience on an exquisite journey of beer and gain an understanding of what makes Bamberg such a unique and special beer destination.

Exploring the Unique Bamberg Beer Scene With Todd Ashman from FiftyFifty Brewing

Bamberg, Germany is touted as one of the most beloved beer brewing cities in the world, and as a publican, Todd Ashman of FiftyFifty Brewing is well-versed in its pleasures and nuances.

Housed in the Northern tip of Bavaria and renowned for combining the ancient culture with medieval charm, the city is a beloved destination for beer-lovers and beer-enthusiasts. But what is it that makes this part of the world so special? Let’s take a look in this article.

Todd Ashman’s Love For Bamberg

Although Bamberg is home to numerous breweries, Todd Ashman is unconditionally dedicated to the city. A visit to Bamberg will show why. Rich in history, Bamberg has a unique way of crafting its beers that differ from the rest of Germany.

From a beer marketing standpoint, it's the sort of place that people fall in love with the minute they land. It's quaint and charming but also gritty and brimming with energy. It's unassuming but confident and knows its place in the larger beer scene.

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Not only is Todd passionate about the city itself but also the unfiltered and unpasteurized lager beer, which was born in Bamberg and is brewed in small batches.

Unique Attributes Of Bamberg

From the smoke beer style of brewing to the traditional brewing process, there is much to learn and admire about Bamberg. Let’s take a look at the unique attributes that make it stand out in the beer scene.

Traditional Brewing Process

Bamberg traditional breweries continue to use a historical method to produce authentic recipes and fulfil consumers’ expectations. Bamberg beers are brewed with malt and hops that are only locally sourced, without any additives or preservatives.

  • No additives, preservatives or chemicals are used in the process.
  • All-natural, locally-sourced ingredients.
  • Beers are brewed in small batches to ensure greater quality control.
  • There is more control over the water used and there is no need for filtration.

Smoke Beers

Bamberg is also known for smoke beers, a particular type of lager that is made from roasted mash. This type of lager earned its notoriety from the city’s close proximity to the local forests, which are rich in both wood and peat.

  • Smoke beers offer a unique flavor to those who appreciate a richer and smokier flavor.
  • The aroma of the smoke-flavored beers is said to range from light smokiness to a pronounced smoke flavor.
  • Brewers in Bamberg continue to use local woods like oak and cherrywood for this type of beer.

Alcohol Content

Another unique aspect of Bamberg brewing is its low alcohol content. Normally, traditional beers have higher alcohol content but Bamberg beers typically contains 5-6% alcohol by volume (ABV). This makes them sessionable, which means they are perfect for enjoying on a regular basis.

  • Lower ABV, which allows for more frequent consumption
  • Each sip is full of flavor without the overpowering alcoholic notes
  • A high level of drinkability, due to the lower ABV
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Why You Should Pay A Visit To Bamberg When You’re Craving A Beer

If you are a fan of craft beer and you’re looking for a place to explore and experience the culture of beer, then you should consider Bamberg. With its traditional brewing process, smoke beers, and low alcohol content, Bamberg provides an eclectic experience for beer-lovers from all walks of life. Plus, you’ll get to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of Todd Ashman, who can provide you with a truly unique taste of Bamberg.

  1. The traditional brewing process is still used to create unique recipes.
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