Exploring Mole Beer's Flavor

Delicious and complex, mole beer has become a growing favorite amongst craft beer drinkers. This unique twist on the traditional south central Mexico sauce has caught the attention of breweries across the country and they've put their own unique spins on this flavor packed classic. With up to 20 ingredients in a single pour, the array of unique flavors tantalize the taste buds and excite beer drinkers alike. Come explore the flavorful history behind Mole Beer and learn why it has become a beloved favorite.

A Flavorful History, Served by the Glass: The Enduring Appeal of Mole Beer

Traditional Mexican cuisine has always held a special place on the world’s culinary map. Now, the flavors of South Central Mexico are taking a turn for the modern, as the art of brewing melds with the sauce-driven flavors of mole. Mole-inspired beers are cropping up nationally and drawing the attention of ale enthusiasts, who are curious and eager to find out what sets this style of beer apart from others.

Mole is a traditional sauce of South Central Mexico that can contain up to 20 different types of ingredients. In terms of flavor, mole is nothing short of intense, with a flavor profile that covers a wide range, from earthy and sweet to smoky and spicy. For beermakers and connoisseurs, it is the unique combination and intensity of flavors that draw attention to this new style.

Brewing Mole Beer

Craft beer brewing is a burgeoning hobby, with die-hard hobbyists far and wide. As these hobbyists research and experiment with different brews and ingredients, mole has become an attractive option thanks to its unique flavor profile. As of late, mole beers have made a name for themselves amongst brewers and drinkers alike, making them a popular craft beer choice.

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In the brewing process, mole beer is made with ingredients ranging from cumin to chili powder. The result is a distinct combination of spices that has aesthetic values that few others beers can boast. In terms of flavor, mole beer is full-bodied and intense; a successful brew can combine sweetness, heat, and a variety of spices. As molecular gastronomy grows in complexity, hobbyists have embraced this new style of beer, experimenting with flavors and techniques to hone in on the perfect combination.

The Appeal of Mole Beer

The complexity of flavors featured in mole beer make it a desirable choice for both craft brewers and craft beer connoisseurs. For the former, there’s a sense of adventure to exploring the myriad flavor combinations of mole beer; in many cases, brewers are attempting to recreate the flavors of classic mole dishes in a liquid form. It’s a craft that demands a deft hand and an appreciation for subtle nuances; those who demonstrate mastery of the craft can produce concoctions that enjoy both regional and national recognition.

As for craft beer connoisseurs, the appeal of mole beer lies in its unique complexities. With its range of spices, sweetness and heat, mole beer offers an unparalleled sensory experience. While beer typically features wheat, hops, malt and other ingredients, the flavor of mole beer stands distinctly apart. As brewers across the country perfect the craft of mole beer brewing, more and more people are becoming dedicated followers of this unique ale.

The Present and the Future of Mole Beer

Today, there are a large number of breweries across the country creating and experimenting with their own unique recipes. From social media campaigns to industry award wins, mole beer has taken a firm foothold as a craft beer that is here to stay. While some of the recipes are game-changers, combining spices and other ingredients in a bold new way, other recipes are traditional at heart. As mole beer continues to grow in popularity, so too will the experimentation and innovation of forward-thinking brewers.

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At the end of the day, mole beer’s success can be attributed to its flavor complexity. Each spice and each flavor blend contributes to the ale’s personality, making it a fan favorite for both brewers and connoisseurs alike. Whether you’re looking to recreate the flavor of a classic mole dish or to embark on a brave new brewing adventure, mole beer provides an exciting option with near-limitless potential.

Discover Mole Beer

Curious to learn more or try a mole beer? There are a growing number of renowned breweries and tasting rooms offering samples, flights and pours of their unique mole-inspired concoctions. Here is just a sampling of the breweries currently producing creative and flavorful mole beers:

  • Dry hopped Mole Porter – Pixley Brewing Co., Pixley, CA
  • Chocolate Fingerprint Mole – HopFinger Brewing Co., Minneapolis, MN
  • Peanut Butter Mole Blend – Chocolate Ox Brewing Co., Kansas City, MO
  • Vanilla Rose Mole – Trillium Brewing Co., Boston, MA

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