Exploring the Difference: BeerAdvocate vs. Beer Snob

Are you passionate about beer? Then you may already have heard of BeerAdvocate and the more exclusive moniker of Beer Snob. But what is the difference between the two? Find out how a Beer Snob is not only distinct from a Beer Geek, but why their fandom of beer could be detrimental in the quest for furthering appreciation of beer. Come join us as we explore "BeerAdvocate or Beer Snob?"!

BeerAdvocate or Beer Snob?

For term beer lovers, there are always different conversations regarding BeerAdvocate and Beer Snob. Most people still get confused about these terms. It is important to note that both of these terms are related to beer but in different contexts. The following article will provide a clear understanding of these two terms and shed light on their differences.

What is BeerAdvocate?

BeerAdvocate is considered as a social review site for beer, which emphasizes upon the trend and appreciation of quality beer consumption. It is mainly a place where beer fanciers can find out all sorts of information about beers, trade beers and exchange thoughts or suggestions. On this site, anyone can rate a beer or share a personal experience while talking about beer brewing techniques and beer-pairing with food.

Moreover, this website is open to all, so anyone can post reviews, check ratings, and aim to develop an informed opinion about a certain beer. It also has a beer event page, which shows up events that are conducted all over the world to discuss beer. All these features of BeerAdvocate, make it one of the most active places on the internet, when it comes to talking or trading beer.

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What is Beer Snob?

Not to be confused with the beer geek, who is simply super passionate about beer, the beer snob is stuck in the cycle, taking their passion too seriously and to a level that’s actually counterproductive to spreading the good word about beer. Beer snobs are the people who always have an opinion about beer and make lude comments about beer styles or beer quality, on the basis of their individual preferences.

Beer snobs often talk about the brewing processes, ingredients, and taste but never bother to talk about the story or philosophy behind a beer. Their main goal is to ensure that the other person is aware of their beer knowledge, rather than developing a teachable conversation.

Differences between BeerAdvocate and Beer Snob

  • BeerAdvocate promotes the sharing of information and ideas while appreciating the knowledge of beer, while beer snobs use their knowledge of beer as a competition to overpower the others.
  • BeerAdvocate encourages the discussion of various beer styles and philosophies, while Beer Snob simply judges a beer on their personal criteria.
  • BeerAdvocate is mainly interested in the history, production, and philosophy behind the beer, while a beer snob may not have much interest in such technical aspects.
  • BeerAdvocate is open to all and it represents the collective opinion of beer lovers, while a beer snob’s opinion is only their own.


BeerAdvocate and Beer Snob are two separate terms that are used in different contexts. BeerAdvocate is a place on the internet for open discussion about beer, while a beer snob is someone who considers themselves as a beer connoisseur, with an opinion about beer that only applies to themselves.

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In summary, it can be a great idea to pay attention to BeerAdvocate if you want to learn more about the beer you’re drinking and open yourself to a larger beer community. But when it comes to taking opinions, it is best to take advice from different sources.

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