Gary Fish: Founder of Deschutes Brewery

Climb aboard the craft beer revolution and discover why Gary Fish is celebrated as a pioneering entrepreneur in the craft beer industry! Founded in Bend, Ore. in 1988, Fish's Deschutes Brewery quickly rose to become the sixth-largest craft brewery by volume in the US 25 years later. Be part of the movement to pay homage to Fish and his success story - head to Deschutes Brewpub and experience the brews that put Fish on the beer-making map!

In 1988, Gary Fish founded Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon, introducing the world to a craft brewery unlike any other. Nearly three decades later, the brewery continues to thrive and remains one of the largest and most respected craft breweries in the nation. Its success is due in large part to Gary Fish's ambition and commitment to designing craft brews that are innovative yet authentic.

About Gary Fish, Founder of Deschutes Brewery

Gary Fish is a successful entrepreneur and craft brewery pioneer. After graduating from the University of Oregon, he spent several years traveling and working in ski towns around the country. In the late 1980s, he found himself in Bend, Oregon and realized that the town held great potential. He realized that in order to move forward with his business plan, he had to establish a strong local support system and pursue a unique concept.

Creating A Craft Brewery

In 1988, Gary Fish founded Deschutes Brewery in Bend, not just to serve a range of craft beers, but to bring together the community. He wanted the brewery to be a place where people could come together to talk, eat and drink quality beer.

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Growth & Expansion

Deschutes Brewery’s success has grown exponentially since its inception in 1988. In fact, twenty-five years later, the brewpub became the sixth largest craft brewery by volume in the country. Under Gary Fish's dutiful leadership, Deschutes Brewery enjoys the highest marks for exceptional quality for its flagship craft beers and a range of other microbrews.

The Deschutes Brewery Mission

At the heart of the brewery’s success is Gary Fish’s core mission to make beer-drinking enjoyable and pleasurable. He is committed to making sure that everyone feels welcome and has access to beer made with the freshest ingredients and the highest standards for quality. He wants to ensure that everyone can enjoy the craft beer experience, no matter their background or budget.

Gary Fish’s Commitment to the Environment

As Deschutes Brewery has grown over the years, so have their commitment to environmental stewardship. Gary Fish is a passionate believer in sustainable practices, and the brewery is now certified as a sustainable “Cradle to Keg” brewery, meaning that they have reduced their total consumption of energy, water, and other resources.

Quality Brews & Creative Recipes

Deschutes Brewery continues to offer a wide range of craft beers for all tastes. From floral, spicy and fruity ales, to bold-tasting stouts and porters, to the new Nitro brews and sours, each beer is crafted from carefully selected ingredients, which are combined to create award-winning flavors.

Award-Winning Beer

Deschutes Brewery’s commitment to making high-quality beer has been recognized all over the world. Some of their notable awards include the World Beer Cup Champion Small Brewery in 2008, the Great American Beer Festival Large Brewpub of the Year in 2009, and the Small Brewing Company of the Year at the 2011 European Beer Star Awards.

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What the Future Holds

Gary Fish and Deschutes Brewery remain committed to innovating new products, expanding their operations and exploring new territories. As the craft beer industry continues to grow, Gary Fish and Deschutes Brewery plan to remain at the forefront of the craft brewing industry while preserving the traditions and pioneering spirit that have made them successful.

The Takeaway

Gary Fish and Deschutes Brewery have been making exceptional craft beer for nearly three decades. With the brewery’s commitment to sustainability and its award-winning recipes, it is no wonder that Deschutes is one of the largest and most iconic craft breweries in the nation.

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