Jeremy Cowan: Leader, Innovator, Entertainer

Jeremy Cowan is the founder of the San Francisco brewery Shmaltz Brewing Company. He's well-known in the industry for travelling tirelessly and pouring samples of his own beer at festivals, as well as bringing a unique sense of humor to the business. Get to know the man behind the successful brewery and find out more about his incredible story.

Jeremy Cowan, Founder of Shmaltz Brewing Co.

Based in San Francisco, Jeremy Cowan- better known as the face of Shmaltz Brewing- is one of the most spirited brewers in the industry today. A traveling brewer and smart-humored beer evangelist, Cowan is the driving force behind the success of Shmaltz Brewing Co., which enjoys numerous accolades for its craft brands.

About Jeremy Cowan

Cowan’s love for beer emerged from his college days when he produced and served beer from a microbrewery in Maryland. After college, he worked as a travel writer in Europe and Israel, but the unique flavors of craft beer stayed with him. He started working in the craft beer industry in 1996, and in 2002, he founded Shmaltz Brewing Company in San Francisco, where the brewery has remained ever since.

In addition to founding Shmaltz Brewing, Cowan has become a well-known figure in the craft beer industry. He brings to industry events a unique sensibility that helps engage and entertain more people and make the craft beer experience more enjoyable. As the founder of Shmaltz Brewing, Cowan personally heads up brewing and bottling operations, and he also travels tirelessly to festivals pouring the company’s beers.

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Accomplishments & Awards

Given the success of Shmaltz and its stewardship under Cowan, it’s no surprise there have been some noteworthy accomplishments:

  • Shmaltz was featured in Playboy magazine’s The Beer Issue.
  • The company’s flagship beer, He’Brew, was entered into the Great American Beer Festival.
  • Shmaltz was the first American craft brewery in 20 years to receive the prestigious Award of Merit at the Great British Beer Festival.

Jeremy Cowan has also been recognized with a number of notable awards, including:

  1. The Specialty Brewer of the Year award from the Beverage Testing Institute.
  2. The Advertising Specialty Institute's Outstanding New Industry Supplier award.
  3. He was named one of the “Most Innovative People in Craft Beer” by Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine.

In a rapidly changing and competitive market, Cowan's enthusiasm has kept Shmaltz relevant. The success of Shmaltz has allowed Cowan to bring unique and rarely seen beers to the US market.

Cowan’s Commitment

Cowan has a deep commitment to the craft beer industry and to introducing specialty beers beyond the mainstream. He sees craft beer as an important part of culture and he's passionate about giving customers something new and exciting to try. Under his leadership, Shmaltz has grown from a single microbrewery to a leader in the craft beer industry.

Cowan brings a wealth of knowledge and innovative ideas to the craft beer industry. His passion for craft beer and his commitment to breaking boundaries in the market make him a leader in his field.

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