Local Brew, Local Pride: Throwback Brewery

Discover Throwback Brewery, the finest craft brewery in North Hampton, N.H. Throwback strives to source local ingredients for its craft beers, using locally grown hops, malt, and adjuncts. Its commitment to sustainability and unique flavor profiles sets its craft beers apart from the rest. Delicious and locally sourced, come savor the taste of Throwback's award-winning craft beers and experience a taste of tradition.

Throwback Brewery – Quality Brewed From Local Ingredients

If you enjoy craft beer, you have likely heard of Throwback Brewery, which is located in North Hampton, New Hampshire. The brewery was established in 2010 with a mission to provide quality beer lovingly brewed from local ingredients. Throwback sources the majority of its ingredients from local farms, including their use of locally grown hops, malt and adjuncts. The excellence and quality of their locally brewed products has earned the brewery a well-deserved reputation for taste and has also made them a key feature of the town’s local culture.

Throwback Brewery History

The concept for Throwback Brewery began to take shape in 2009 when co-founders Annette Lee and Anne Marisic decided to open a brewery in North Hampton. The pair had both enjoyed a background in the beer industry, having previously worked in beer operations at restaurants and pubs. Annette and Anne wanted to bring great beer to their local community, while creating unique products that highlight the freshness and quality of local ingredients.

In 2010, the first Throwback beers rolled off the production line, and the brewery quickly became renowned for its commitment to sustainability, as well as its dedication to supporting local farms and businesses. Due to overwhelming support from the local community, the brewery had to quickly expand, allowing them to keep up with the demand for their products.

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The Throwback Brewing Process

At the core of Throwback's process lies a seven-barrel system, which allows them to produce small batches that are monitored closely and quickly, ensuring the freshest flavours possible for their customers. Throwback is committed to using local ingredients, including locally sourced malt and hops, as well as adjuncts from herbs and fruits from farms in the region.

The beer is also brewed using a traditional open-fermentation process. This slower, natural process leads to a wide variety of flavours, different to other beers on the market that are pasteurised or forcecarbonated. Open-fermentation allows Throwback to provide beer enthusiasts with an array of unique flavour experiences.

Throwback's Flagship Beer Line-up

The flagship beers from Throwback consists of three main beers – the flagship amber, blonde and porter. Throwback's Amber is a traditional American-style amber with a creamy malt character. The Blonde is refreshing and light, with a hint of citrus and hops, while The Porter is a classic porter, full of flavour and body.

These main three beers are available year-round, as well as in seasonally released speciality beer. Throwback are also firmly committed to sustainability, and also release seasonal beers brewed with a variety of local ingredients including herbs, fruits and wildflower honey.

Throwback Brewery - The Local Beer Stop

Throwback Brewery has become a staple of New Hampshire’s craft beer scene, and is popular with both beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike. Its commitment to using local, sustainable ingredients has earned the brewery a loyal following of customers, who recognize the level of quality, care and attention that goes into each batch. The brewery also regularly host events in their taproom, providing local and visiting beer lovers with an opportunity to explore the ever-evolving range of craft beer from Throwback.

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If you’re ever in North Hampshire, be sure to pay a visit to Throwback Brewery. Their top quality beer, lovingly brewed from local ingredients is worth experiencing for yourself!

Benefits of Drinking Throwback Brewery Beer

  • You have a new craft beer experience as the brewery changes their lineup of beers seasonally
  • You can enjoy fresh, local beer
  • The team behind Throwback Brewery are dedicated to sustainable brewing practices
  • The brewery supports local farmers and businesses
  • You’re supporting a local, craft beer institution

Unique Ingredients Used in Throwback Beers

  1. Locally grown hops
  2. Malt
  3. Adjunct from herbs and fruits from local farms
  4. Wildflower honey
  5. Open-fermentation process
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