Modern Mug Clubs: Crafting Loyalty

Are you a craft beer enthusiast looking to get more out of your favorite brewery? Don't miss out on the Mug Club 2.0 aimed at deepening relationships between brewers and loyal customers. With heightened competition, craft breweries are offering modified loyalty programs with perks - from discounts to exclusive products - to ensure customers stay coming back. Move over loyalty programs; the golden age of mug clubs is here.

Mug clubs are a long-standing tradition among craft brewers. Backed by a passionate community of enthusiasts, small brewers have relied on their loyalty programs for more than a decade, providing exclusive rewards to those who frequent their tap rooms the most. But with intense competition in the beer market, those same brewers now have to think twice about how they can maximize their mug clubs to benefit their bottom line.

Over the years, brewers have modified the classic loyalty program to respond to the ever evolving demands of their customers. From beer tastings and product discounts to branded merchandise and limited-edition brews; breweries are now utilizing mug clubs as a way to strengthen their relationships with consumers.

Classic Mug Clubs for Longstanding Fans

In its simplest form, a mug club is just a regular membership program that discounts beers purchased at the brewery. Members pay an annual fee and receive a customized mug with their name on it. In return, members are entitled to discounted drinks at the taproom. Depending on the brewery, some may also receive discounts on food, exclusive beers, or early access to limited releases.

Modernized Approach to Brew Clubs

In an ever changing beer market, breweries are now using mug clubs as a means of developing lasting relationships with their customers. By providing exclusive access to limited-release beers and unique experiences, breweries are able to create an environment of exclusivity and camaraderie among its members.

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Some craft brewers are now using their mug clubs as a way to expand their reach beyond the taproom. By offering online memberships and subscription-based programs, they are able to maintain their relationships with customers while they’re away from their brewery. With these new memberships, customers can enjoy discounted beers, exclusive merchandise, and even special events from home.

Advantages of Modernized Mug Clubs

  • Create a sense of loyalty and community among regulars and new fans.
  • Cultivate relationships through exclusive access to limited-release beers and exclusive merchandise.
  • Provide rewards for dedicated customers on a frequent basis, increasing loyalty.
  • Allow craft brewers to maintain relationships with customers when they can’t make it to the taproom.

Tips for Creating a Modern Mug Club

When it comes to launching a modern mug club, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind. Below, we’ll explore the basics of creating a successful beer loyalty program.

Do Your Research

Before you set up your mug club, you want to research what other breweries are doing with their loyalty programs. Look at what they offer, how they operate, and how their members respond to the program. This will help you gauge what works and what doesn’t as you develop your own mug club.

Keep it Simple

Your mug club does not have to be complicated. The simpler the program, the easier it will be for members to understand and enjoy. Think about what customers would appreciate the most and focus your rewards and offerings around that. Some examples could be discounts on beers and merchandise, exclusive access to limited-release beers, or special events.

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Create Engaging Content

In order to keep members engaged, you should focus on creating unique content related to your mug club. You could send out email newsletters, launch a blog, or release podcasts to keep members in the loop. This will help foster engagement and build relationships between your brewery, its members, and the craft beer community.


At the end of the day, mug clubs are an effective way for craft brewers to cultivate relationships with customers. With a modernized approach, breweries can provide exclusive rewards to those who frequent the taproom the most. By investing in the right resources and maintaining an engaging presence, craft brewers can create a strong, loyal following for their brand.

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