Pennsylvania's German Pils Revolution

Are you looking to try something new? Look no further than the craft breweries in Pennsylvania. The southeastern corner of the state has seen a new surge in creating the crisp and crisp northern German-style Pilsners. Try out a fresh, bitter beer and see why this style of beer is rising in popularity. With a bright and light flavor, it's sure to be your new favorite.

German Pils: Beautifully Bitter

The southeastern corner of Pennsylvania has emerged as a hotbed of craft-brewed Pilsners, specifically of the crisp and bitter northern German-style Pils. This unique combination of flavor arises from the combination of styles and ingredients used in this great beer. This guide will explore the history of this delicious style, the ingredients used and the brewing process employed.

What is German Pils?

German Pils is a style of beer historically brewed in Germany, representing the country’s most widespread beer type, accounting for roughly 25% of beer production nationally. It is strongly associated with the city of Pilsen, Czech Republic and the in-place Pilsner Urquell brewery. German Pils is a light …

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