Peters' Passionate Pursuit of Belgian Beer Excellence

Come enjoy the authentic Belgian beer culture at Monk's Cafe in Philadelphia, owned by Tom Peters. His dedication to excellence has been seen clearly through Monk's-exclusive beer selection and an employee education program that has landed him a semifinalist slot for the prestigious 2015 James Beard Award! Visit today and treat yourself to a beer crafted with mindfulness and attention to detail.

About Tom Peters, Owner of Monk’s Café

Tom Peters has been the proud owner of Monk’s Café, a thriving Philly watering hole in the heart of Old City, Philadelphia, since 1998. Monk’s Café is known as a warm and inviting spot, serving up signature Belgian-style beers alongside top-notch Philly fare. Beyond offering an incredible selection of unique beers and crepes, Tom Peters has made Monk’s Café into something more than just a bar.

Peters has made sure we can experience authentic Belgian beer culture at his bar, Monk’s Café in Philadelphia. His employee education program, Monk’s-exclusive beers, and commitment to excellence have won him a semifinalist slot for a 2015 James Beard award. It is clear that Tom has achieved incredible accomplishments with Monk’s Café but what do we know about the man behind the bar? Below, you’ll find out who Tom is and why he is so passionate about the craft of beer and what makes Monk’s Café so unique and worthwhile.

Tom's Early Days & Education

Tom Peters was born in Wilmington, Delaware, and has always been a lover of beer and good conversation throughout his life. As a young man, however, his plans were focused more on education and industry. After graduating from the University of Delaware, Tom went on to earn a master’s degree from the prestigious Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduate school, he initially found work in banking and finance, but it didn’t take long for him to realize he had a true passion for food and beverage.

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Passion for Beer & Monk's Café

Tom’s love of beer and food eventually led him to explore a career in owning his own restaurant. Thus, when a unique opportunity presented itself to purchase a dilapidated saloon in Philadelphia that had been closed down due to numerous health and safety violations, Tom stepped up and made it his own. In 1998, Tom opened Monk’s Café, a bar and restaurant dedicated to serving craft beer and great food. In the years that followed, Tom has worked hard to build Monk’s Café into a reputable craft beer and food establishment in the heart of Philadelphia.

Tom has established Monk’s Café as an incredible craft beer destination due to his absolute passion for beer. He spent years studying and experimenting with beer brewing and eventually found his true brewing passion with Belgian-style beer. Monk’s Café has since become a place for beer lovers to come and find a variety of hard-to-find Belgian beer.

Employee Education Program & Owner's Commitment to Excellence

Tom is an incredible believer in the knowledge of beer and his investments in Monk's Cafe reflect this. Tom has implemented an extensive education program for employees so they can better understand the beer they are selling and serve it correctly. This education program is also used to teach employees food and beverage pairings so they can help pair customers with their perfect meal. Tom’s commitment to excellence has earned Monk’s Cafe numerous awards and recognitions throughout the years.

In addition to his Employee Education Program, Tom is constantly experimenting with new recipes and creating beer recipes especially for Monk’s Café. Through his experimentation and passion for great beer, Peters has created a selection of unique, Monk's Café–exclusive beers. His dedication to providing unique beers that can't be found anywhere else has attracted numerous beer fans to the establishment and has earned Tom a semifinalist slot for a 2015 James Beard award.

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Tom Peters is a passionate entrepreneur, beer lover, and restaurateur. He has taken his passion for Belgian-style beer and created Monk’s Café, a thriving Philadelphia restaurant and bar serving a selection of unique and delicious beers. Through his employee education program, Monk’s exclusive beers, and commitment to excellence, Tom has secured Monk’s Café as a standout destination for craft beer fans.

If you want to experience a piece of authentic Belgian beer culture, visit Monk’s Café for an unforgettable experience. With the man behind the bar, Tom Peters, you’re sure to find a quality establishment full of passionate aromas and extraordinary flavors.

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