Pouring Your Own Pints with TableTender

Are you tired of waiting forever to get your beer, only to find out it’s empty when they bring it? Say goodbye to Empty Glass Syndrome with Jeff Libby’s new invention: The TableTender. This innovative tap system is installed directly at the table, allowing customers to pour their own pints and pitchers with lightning speed. Enjoy fresh beer and fast service with The TableTender – the ultimate bar accessory.

In the era of craft beers, home-brew competitions and an ever-expanding selection of world-wide beers, it’s no wonder that patrons have demanded more from the pours they get at the local establishments. One Georgia man, Jeff Libby, has helped make this demand a reality by creating The TableTender, an innovative beer tap system that runs straight to the table and lets patrons pour their own pints and pitchers.

The TableTender is the newest addition to self-pour beer systems, and is a boon to any pub desiring to abolish Empty Glass Syndrome. Empty Glass Syndrome, the instance of patrons having to wait while a drink is delivered by a bar tender, can often lead to a poor customer experience. With The TableTender, patrons can cope with the speed of delivery simply by pouring the drink themselves. This product is the perfect solution to pubs that would like to offer craft beer on tap.

What is the TableTender?

The TableTender is a modular system that is designed to be easy to install and use. It works as a typical countertop tap system with a few additional features. The main feature is the ability to attach the pour spout directly to the table top in order for patrons to pour their own pints and pitchers without the need for a bar tender. This system also allows for easily interchangeable taps, so that pubs can easily switch up their selection of draft beer.

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Benefits of the TableTender

There are many benefits of using the TableTender. Not only does it give patrons the ability to pour their own drinks, but it also allows pubs to save money by reducing the need for a large number of bar tenders. Additionally, the TableTender eliminates excess waste by preventing patrons from “over pouring”, because they can pour as much or as little as they want.

  • Patrons can pour their own drinks
  • Reduces need for bar tenders
  • Eliminates excess waste
  • Easily interchangeable taps
  • Helps prevent Empty Glass Syndrome

The TableTender is a great addition to any pub looking to improve their customer service and keep up with the craft beer trend. Not only does it help to reduce wait times and waste, but it also gives pubs the freedom to easily switch up their selection of craft beer.

Installation of the TableTender

The TableTender is designed to be easy to install, whether it is a new installation or an existing tap system. The taps can be connected to a keg system and run straight to the tables, allowing for quick and easy drink service. The system is robust and designed to withstand normal wear and tear from patrons pouring their own drinks.

Things to Consider Before Installing the TableTender

  1. Ensure there is a spacious area for installation
  2. Review health and safety regulations and best practices
  3. Consider the maintenance requirements of the system
  4. Calculate the additional expenses associated with the system
  5. Ensure that all necessary components are included in the system

Once all these aspects have been considered and addressed, installation of the TableTender can begin. It is important to allow a qualified technician to install the system according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will ensure that the system is safe and secure, and will last for a long time.

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Pricing and Availability of the TableTender

The TableTender is currently available through select retailers in the United States. The price of the system will vary depending on the number of taps and other options that are selected. Prices can range from $495 for a single tap system to upwards of $4,500 for a larger system with multiple taps.


The TableTender is the perfect solution for pubs looking to reduce wait times, eliminate excess waste, and take advantage of the craft beer trend. It is easy to install, cost-effective, and an efficient way to serve patrons quickly and efficiently. The TableTender is an innovative system that proves that good customer service doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag.

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