Preserving a Century of History: Augusta Brewing Company

Come join the Heisler family and support their move of Augusta Brewing Company production operations to Jeri's family grounds! Taking place in Washington, Mo., this century-long family history of Jeri and her husband Terry is something worth celebrating. Come raise your glass and enjoy the details of this amazing accomplishment with the co-owners themselves!

When Terry and Jeri Heisler, a husband and wife duo from Labadie, Missouri started the Augusta Brewing Company, they had no idea the immense impact their business would have on the small community. This brewery, located in a tiny corner of the Ozarks in the heart of Missouri, has become a local favorite, while simultaneously moving towards becoming a more widely enjoyed product. The story doesn’t end there either. The couple has made the decision to move their production operations to a facility that has been in Jeri’s family for over a century. This move is helping to keep alive the rich history of craft beer production in the region.

Augusta Brewing Company is dedicated to producing unique and flavorful craft beers with an emphasis on quality and drinkability. Each carefully crafted recipe is visually aesthetic, highly complex, and surprisingly balanced. Customers can find a wide variety of their craft beers available on tap or in bottles throughout the United States. With their quick expansion into the craft beer scene, Augusta Brewing Company is certainly one to keep an eye on.

History of Augusta Brewing Company

The Heisler’s journey to owning and operating the Augusta Brewing Company started in 2013 when the two decided to take a chance and open their brewery. They had no brewing experience, so a crash course was needed prior to beginning operations. Terry began taking courses at a local college and immersing himself in the craft beer world with the help of local brewers. Eventually the couple launched the brewery in their small town, thus starting their craft beer revolution.

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Shortly after its launch, the Augusta Brewing Company opened to wide acclaim in the local community. The Heisler’s quickly established themselves as a mainstay of the craft beer scene and gained a loyal, thirsty following of fans. With the success they achieved, they decided to move production operations to a facility in Washington, Missouri, which has been in Jeri’s family for over a century.

Philosophy of Augusta Brewing Company

At the core of their products is the passion for creating inventive and delicious beers that are both mentally and physically stimulating. The goal at Augusta Brewing Company is to take traditional beer styles and give them a unique twist. Every beer is an expression of the Heisler's creativity and features interesting flavors that are sure to delight any craft beer enthusiast.

Not only does Augusta strive to put out the best beer, but they also aim to be a part of the community and give back to the area they serve. From their involvement in charity work to regularly hosting events and tastings, they truly believe in making the world around them a better place.

Top Products of Augusta Brewing Company

At Augusta Brewing, they are continuously brewing up new and inventive beer styles. With an ever-growing selection of beers on tap, there is something for even the most discerning of beer drinkers. Below are some of the top products of Augusta Brewing Company.

1. Wilhelm’s Preference Pilsner

This classic German-style pilsner is crisp, light, and refreshing. This beer features subtle noble hops for a slightly bitter finish. Wilhelm’s Preference is a great beer for those looking for a crisp and clean option.

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2. Hoppenheimer IPA

This India Pale Ale showcases a variety of hops from around the world. With this beer, you will get a pleasant citrus aroma and a balanced bitterness that is sure to delight hop heads. The Hoppenheimer IPA is a classic for craft beer lovers.

3. Ozark Expedition Stout

This dark, full-bodied stout is loaded with flavors of coffee, dark chocolate, and roasted barley. The Ozark Expedition Stout is brewed with locally-grown grains, giving it a unique flavor profile that is sure to please any stout fan.

Events of Augusta Brewing Company

Augusta Brewing Company likes to stay active in their local community by regularly hosting events. From beer tastings to fun competitions, the Heisler’s strive to make their brewery an inviting and exciting place to be. Below are some of the events hosted by Augusta Brewing Company.

  • Brewer & Brewer: Bring a homebrew and share your recipes with others (monthly)
  • Pints & Poses: yoga class followed by beer tasting (weekly)
  • Trivia Night:
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