Rebuilding a Hop Legacy: John Segal Jr.

John Segal Jr. is fighting to revolutionize the beer-brewing industry in the best way he knows how: hops! As a third-generation hops farmer, John has worked tirelessly to rebuild his family's business, making it the first commercially successfully to cultivate Cascades. His dream is to bridge the gap between farmers and brewers and create a sustainable industry to build a brighter future. Join us to learn more about John and his inspiring journey of dedication, hard work, and growth.

The Hops Farmer: John Segal Jr.

For generations, John Segal Jr.’s family have been dedicated to responsibly and sustainably producing some of the best hops crops in the country. The family-run business has grown and evolved over the years, and John has made it his mission to use his position to bridge the gap between farmers and brewers, helping to ensure mutual success. As the first commercial producer of Cascade hops, John is a trailblazer for the craft beer industry.

Cascade Hops: A Brief History

Cascade hops (Humulus lupulus cv. Cascade) is a variety of hops developed from hybridization of English hops. Native to the Pacific Northwest, Cascade hops are considered to be one of the most popular varieties in the craft beer industry, offering a distinct floral and aromatic character with subtle grapefruit and citrus tones. Today, Cascade hops are used in a variety of beer styles, from Brown Ales, IPAs, and Pilsners, to Belgian-style Tripels and Pale Ales.

Cascade was first commercially planted in 1972, by none other than John Segal Jr.’s family. At the time, they were the first to cultivate the crop, and have continued to do so ever since. John’s grandfather and father had been farmers before him, and it was only natural he should take up the reins when the opportunity presented itself.

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John Segal Jr. & The Hops Farm

Determined to connect farmers and brewers, third-generation hops farmer John Segal Jr. rebuilt his family’s business—the first to commercially cultivate Cascades. His passion for craft and quality beer was the driving force behind this mission, and he continues to use his expertise to bridge the gap between the two industries.

John Segal Jr. runs one of the largest and most successful hop farms in the Pacific Northwest. As an active participant in the craft beer industry, he recognizes the importance of establishing sustainable relationships between farmers and brewers. He takes pride in ensuring that every aspect of his hop production meets the highest quality standards.

John has established partnership agreements with nearly a dozen craft breweries, offering them a consistent supply of Cascade and other hop varieties, at competitive prices. He has also worked closely with the Oregon Brewer’s Guild and the Oregon Winegrowers Association, to share his knowledge and help foster collaboration among Oregon brewers.

Sustainable and Responsible Practices

At Segal’s Hop Farm, John takes a conscientious approach to sustainable farming practices. His family business has been a leader in sustainable hop farming for three generations. In addition to traditional composting and crop rotation, they have implemented integrated pest management strategies, to preserve public and environmental health.

John also takes a responsible approach to business. His cutting-edge approaches to hop production have helped build rapport and credibility among brewers, and he proudly touts the fact that hop growers and brewers, together, can have a positive impact on environmental quality. Segal Hop Farm have also worked to ensure theirhops are certified as non-GMO and pesticide-free, by working with both private and public agencies to ensure their compliance.

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Giving Back

As a members of the craft beer industry, John Segal Jr. and Segal Hop Farm believe in giving back. In addition to donating hops to local breweries and charities, they also partner with the Oregon Brewer's Guild to offer educational seminars about hop farming and hop-forward craft beer production. By bridging the gap between farmers, brewers, and the general public, John hopes to create a more sustainable industry that benefits both craft beer drinkers and farmers alike.


John Segal Jr. and Segal’s Hop Farm are true pioneers in the craft beer industry. From the family’s first commercial planting of Cascade hops, to their ongoing partnerships with local brewers, they remain dedicated to sustainable hop farming practices and bridging the gap between farmers and brewers. With his determination and dedication to quality, John hopes to continue to promote collaboration and sustainability in the industry, while also giving back to the local community.

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