Rejecting Mainstream: Dave's Brewfarm

Discover the brave and bold taste of Dave's BrewFarm in Wilson, Wisconsin. Operating outside the box to create unique beer that defies classification, David Anderson hand crafts unique beers that have become the source of much curiosity and interest. Experience the rebellious and renegade side of the beer industry and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised by the extraordinary beers grown and brewed by Dave's BrewFarm.

For the beer enthusiasts of Wisconsin, BrewFarm is a name to trust. Founded by David Anderson, BrewFarm is a craft brewery located in Wilson, Wis., with a passion for making high quality beer. The family-run brewery has specialized in small-batch beer production since its establishment, with special attention being paid to the beer’s composition and production process. That effort and dedication to high quality has made BrewFarm one of the most talked-about breweries in the state.

brewing Process

BrewFarm takes pride in the traditional brewing process, so it is no surprise that their beer is made with minimal input from sophisticated technology. Every beer is made using natural ingredients, traditional equipment, and most importantly, time. Consequently, BrewFarm has become known for their robust beer, complex in flavor but consistently of high quality. Time also helps BrewFarm stand out from the competition, in spite of relatively minimal marketing efforts. According to Anderson, the products speak for themselves and their products are purchased based on quality, not through aggressive marketing tactics.

What's the Big Idea?

BrewFarm's mission is to create “single culture beers” or “branded beers,” as Anderson calls them, made with natural ingredients and traditional production methods. According to Anderson, “better beer was born ‘outside the box’ and continues to evolve removed from the mainstream today.” The result has been an industry of rebels and renegades who defy classification, like Anderson at BrewFarm, who is quietly making curious and interesting beers. At BrewFarm, Anderson believes that his beer should be a reflection of the land it is brewed on, something that he calls “terroir.”

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BrewFarm's Beer Offerings

In keeping with the BrewFarm ethos of creating single culture beers, the brewery offers a number of different beers. In the spirit of continuous innovation and experimentation, the brewery is constantly experimenting with different ingredients and production techniques to create a rotation of seasonal and specialty beers. Here are just a few of the beers BrewFarm has to offer:

  • Juliett: A Belgian-inspired witbier
  • Sun Drops: A hazy table beer
  • Ricky Forever: A hoppy golden ale
  • Marvin: A complex Italian-style lager
  • Hutzen's Pickles: A barrel-aged sour

In addition to the mainstays, Brewfarm also offers seasonal offerings, small-batch specials, and other one-offs. Check their website for up-to-date beer selection and availability.

BrewFarm's Credentials

BrewFarm has truly earned its stripes in the craft beer world. The brewery’s beers have been recognized internationally, having won awards such as a bronze medal at the World Beer Awards, and are featured among some of the most highly esteemed beer lists. More importantly, BrewFarm has earned the respect of craft beer drinkers everywhere, who believe that the brewery is as much an artist at work as it is a business.

Where to Enjoy BrewFarm Beers

BrewFarm beers can be found on tap and in cans in bars, pubs, and liquor stores all over Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois. According to Anderson, the beers can also be purchased online from their website. In addition, the brewery has a taproom on the premises where beer enthusiasts can sample and purchase beers in cans or on-site at the brewery.


At Dave’s BrewFarm, tradition and innovation come together to create some seriously amazing beers. The family-run brewery is a one-of-a-kind in Wisconsin, churning out high quality beer made with natural ingredients and traditional methods. From the fan favorite Juliett to the small-batch specials and seasonal one-offs, BrewFarm has something to satisfy every beer enthusiast. Be sure to try it for yourself and, who knows, maybe you’ll stumble upon your new favorite brew!

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