Reviving a Utah Legacy: A. Fisher Brewing Co.

Since 1895, Utah's beloved A. Fisher Brewing Company has earned the admiration of beer drinkers, young and old alike, who remain loyal to its rich and unique flavor. Now, the nostalgic Salt Lake City brand is being revived, merging its rich heritage with a modern approach to create a distinct, dynamic taste that beer enthusiasts won't be able to resist!

A. Fisher Brewing Company: Reviving a Utah Legacy

A. Fisher Brewing Company is quickly rising in popularity amongst Utah beer lovers after reviving one of Salt Lake City’s beloved heritage brands with a distinctively modern approach. Situated at 320 W. 800 South, the characterful microbrewery, founded in 2017, strives to recreate the traditional stout and porter recipes of Brew Pub pioneer Alan Fisher. Since its opening, A. Fisher Brewing Company has attracted a diverse set of drinkers, captivating both long time beer connoisseurs, and those exploring the delightful tastes of craft beer for the first time.

The brewery is named in honor of Alan Fisher, who began homebrewing beer as a hobby in the early 1990s. Influenced by the never-ending dining and drinking options of California and wanting to see the same options in his hometown of Salt Lake City, Alan started the craft brewery scene on a mission to create something authentic and wholesome. After experimenting with various beer concoctions, Alan brewed finely crafted ales, lagers and stouts for his Brew Pub, marking the beginning of microbreweries in Utah. Sadly, due to financial issues, he was unable to continue his brewery and thus ended his successful ten year run in the mid-90s.

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Despite the tragedy, his passion inspired the inception of A. Fisher Brewing Company, located in the heart of Salt Lake City. With the mission to give a new wave to Alan Fisher’s original beers and extend the craft beer culture to future generations, the brewery operates on the same principle as its namesake; to create and provide local beer brewed with passionate commitment to distinctive flavor, quality and attitude.

Brews That Fit All Tastes & Preferences

Since its opening, A. Fisher Brewing Company has been busy creating diverse and unique beer concoctions. Each of their craft beers has distinct characteristics, from the darkest porters with notes of coffee, to the more traditional ales and lagers. The brewery has also taken up the “hazebo” craze and offers a hazelnut dunkelweizen, a dark wheat beer with hints of hazelnut, which is a perfect way to refresh after a day in the city during the summer.

The craft beer scene is ever-evolving and the dedicated A. Fisher Brewing Company team strives to keep up with the latest trends, create exceptional brews in interesting flavors, and offer a much-needed change of pace to the daily lives of Utahans. Offering beers that appeal to both the newbies and experts, the brewery experiments to create an assortment of craft beer flavors that fit the ever-changing needs of the local craft beer drinking community.

Expanding the Culture of Craft Beer

A. Fisher Brewing Company has earned the admiration of beer drinkers young and old due to their commitment to reviving the craft beer precedent originally set by Alan Fisher. The local beer community of Salt Lake City is made up of barflys and beer aficionados, which directly benefits from the beer variety that A. Fisher Brewing Company provides. The brewery looks to consistently expand the craft beer drinking experience within the local community, providing beers that fit both old and new beer tastes.

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Attracting a diverse set of customers, A. Fisher Brewing Company holds weekly rotating events, celebrating the accomplishments of small craft breweries around the country. Whether it’s celebrating CANvitational, an annual can release of craft beer created by talented local breweries, or a Baltic Sea European-inpsired beer launch, the brewery has expertly blended the tradition and craft of beer brewing with the attitude of the Utah community.

Brewing Refreshing Craft Beer to Benefit Our Community

A. Fisher Brewing Company takes the craft brewery experience a step further with their community initiatives. The Brewery hosts regular fundraising events for organizations like the Wasatch Community Gardens, Utah AIDS Foundation, and Rock/Creek Clean-up Day, proving that the business is more than just a beer tasting. Contributing to the culture of Utah, the brewery wants to bring people together to enjoy life, chat and of course, sip amazing beers.

Beyond their commitment to strengthen local ties and the community, A. Fisher Brewing Company also believes deeply in displaying the full spectrum of their process. The Brewery offers tours of their taproom, so that visitors can witness firsthand how the brewing process works and taste various beer concoctions. Offering a peek into the brewing process, the Brewery inspires guests to give beer brewing a try themselves.

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