Revolutionizing Craft Brewing: Patrick Murtaugh

The scent of hops that filled the air for two Virginia Beach locals would be the start of their foray into the arena of craft beer. Patrick Murtaugh and Eric McKay, founders of Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, left the beaches of their youth to seek out a beer-loving city that wanted something with a special twist. They found Richmond and poured everything they had into a brewery specializing in the best Belgian ales, taste-bud tantalizing Stouts, and delicious IPAs that pushed the boundaries. Now, their demand outstrips their capacity, and they continue to push out some of the most sought-after brews across the nation.

Patrick Murtaugh of Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

Patrick Murtaugh, one half of the duo that set up Hardywood Park Craft Brewery in Richmond, Virginia, is a leader of the craft beer revolution in the United States. In 2011, he and collaborator Eric McKay were two transplants from the Northeast that set out to pioneer their own craft beer revolution in Richmond. The idea was simple – to create unique and experimental beers that could capture the attention of beer-lovers everywhere.

Experimenting with Craft Beer

Murtaugh and McKay’s mission has paid dividends. Hardywood Park Craft Brewery has become a leader in the craft beer industry, and has won numerous awards and accolades since its inception. The brewery focuses on traditional Belgian ales, big stouts and IPAs, and has quickly become a staple in Richmond.

The Hardywood Park Craft Brewer’s mission is clear. It focuses on “high-quality craft beer, made with innovative ingredients and traditional brewing methods, that is produced and packaged following the strictest standards of quality and safety.” This focus has caught the attention of beer-lovers everywhere, and helped to establish Richmond’s place on the map as a premier craft beer hotspot.

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Richmond is Fertile Ground for Craft Beer

When Patrick and Eric of Hardywood Park set up shop, the area was relatively unproven. Yet, the passion and energy of the city gave them the motivation to continue on and create their own craft beer revolution. This revolution, backed by heartfelt and creative brews, has quickly taken off.

Hardywood Park’s Unparalleled Growth

In the short time since they have opened, Hardywood Park Craft Brewery has grown to become one of the premier craft beer breweries in the nation. With awards such as the Flying Dog Art Lab’s “Brewer of the Year”, Hardywood Park’s mission is working. Much of this success is due directly to Patrick Murtaugh and Eric McKay’s leadership and vision. Not only have they made Richmond an epicenter of craft beer, but they have done it in a way where quality and safety are the top priority.

What Makes Hardywood Park Unique?

At Hardywood Park, they are focused on creating the highest-quality craft beers possible. This means that they are constantly experimenting with new and innovative ingredients and brewing methods. They also only use the freshest and purest ingredients available, and are committed to producing their products with as little environmental impact as possible.

Hardywood Park’s Beers:

  • Traditional Ales
  • Big Stouts
  • IPAs

What You Can Expect From Hardywood Park:

  1. High-quality craft beers
  2. Innovative ingredients & methods
  3. Organic ingredients & minimal environmental impact
  4. World-class customer service

When it comes to craft beer, Patrick Murtaugh and Eric McKay of Hardywood Park Craft Brewery have made their mark on the industry. The quality, creativity and vision of their brews have made them a destination that cannot be ignored, and their commitment to the craft beer movement is unparalleled. Be sure to visit Hardywood Park and see what all the fuss is about!

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