San Diego's Artful Beer Hub: Bottlecraft

For beer connoisseurs, Bottlecraft Beer Shop & Tasting Room in San Diego is the perfect place to explore and sample some of the best new and classic craft beer. Create a beer flight and take a walk around their shop. Enjoy admiring the original artwork, while discovering the amazing featured beers and their unique flavors. Experience the perfect balance of art and craft beer in this one-of-a-kind tasting room.

Beer enthusiasts in San Diego can enjoy local and international craft beer from Bottlecraft Beer Shop & Tasting Room, conveniently located in La Jolla, an affluent suburb of the city. The shop is part of San Diego’s ever-growing craft beer landscape and has a unique experience to offer customers.

A Craft Beer Haven

Bottlecraft Beer Shop & Tasting Room offers more than 400 craft beers – including local San Diego beers, international selections, and hard-to-find labels – and functions as part retail store and part tasting room. Customers can sample any beer they like in the tasting room, or stay to enjoy flights of four beers or pints of the beer of their choosing.

Original Artwork

In the spirit of the gallery district, Bottlecraft has original artwork throughout the shop. Large photographs and prints of San Diego and its landmarks, as well as subtle comic book references, adorn the store’s walls. Beers featured in their special flight offerings are also displayed as art, lined up on small wooden shelves.

Award-Winning Beer

The shelves of Bottlecraft Beer Shop & Tasting Room are stocked with beer from more than 100 San Diego-based breweries. In San Diego County alone, there are 100+ breweries and beer enthusiasts crowd the tasting rooms to find their new favorite brew. Many of Bottlecraft’s craft beers featured have won awards and recognition in local, national and international beer competitions.

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Impressive Beer Menu

Drinkers who don’t know where to start on the huge beer menu have options to guide them. Beer experts have created the "Beer Flights" - perfect for anyone looking to sample new beers. Customers can select different types of beer, light and full beer, hoppy and malty, or even a mix of angry beers. The selection changes often, so customers may find beers they haven't tasted before.

An Entertainment Hot Spot

When customers are not enjoying their beer, they can take part in a range of activities offered in the store. Every month, Bottlecraft Beer Shop & Tasting Room showcases a variety of events such as art shows, trivia nights, and movie screenings.

Key Features

  • More than 400 craft beers, including hard-to-find labels
  • Unique beer flight offerings
  • Original artwork throughout the store
  • Beers from more than 100 San Diego breweries
  • Monthly events such as art shows, movie screenings, and trivia nights

At Bottlecraft Beer Shop & Tasting Room in San Diego, craft beer lovers can enjoy the freshest beers from the area and around the world. The store combines the experience of a retail shop and a bar, allowing customers to purchase or sip on their favorite brews in a lively atmosphere.

Yearly Events

In addition to their regular events, Bottlecraft Beer Shop & Tasting Room also puts on several special events each year. Among these are Stone Brewing's 9th annual Toronado Bitter Beer Fest--an event dedicated exclusively to bitter beers and lagers. The Bitter Beer Bash also offers customers an opportunity to meet the brewers behind their favorite San Diego beers.

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Memorable Experience

Bottlecraft Beer Shop & Tasting Room provides patrons with a memorable experience. The shop combines the best of retail and bar experiences while also offering a unique collection of artwork and a rotating selection of beer. Craft beer lovers in San Diego are sure to find their next favorite brew at Bottlecraft Beer Shop & Tasting Room.

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