Skyler Weekes: Barrel Broker Extraordinaire

Skyler Weekes has achieved a major success in the beer-making business in only three years. After he obtained a culinary degree and developed a passion for wine, he courageously launched a barrel-broker business from a U-Haul garage without any experience. His extraordinary efforts have created many remarkable partnerships with breweries based in Colorado - and we cannot wait to hear what's next for Skyler Weekes' career.

Skyler Weekes, founder and owner of Rocky Mountain Barrel Co., was always passionate about wine and had a degree in the culinary arts when he decided to launch his barrel-broking business from a U-Haul garage three years ago. Now, he has succeeded in working with a majority of the craft breweries in Colorado.

Background of Skyler Weekes

Skyler Weekes was born and raised in Colorado and had a long passion for beer and good wines that stemmed from living in a state known for its craft breweries. Skyler dreamed of becoming a craft beer brewer before enrolling in the Stanford Culinary Arts degree program. His plan was then changed when the craft beer industry in Colorado boomed, he realized that he could still be part of the craft beer industry - not as a brewer, but as a barrel broker. After studying the market and speaking to some of the craft brewers, Skyler got the idea to launch Rocky Mountain Barrel Co.

The Founding of Rocky Mountain Barrel Co.

At first, Skyler operated Rocky Mountain Barrel Co. out of a U-Haul garage. With some help from a local business incubator, he was able to secure pieces of funding to support his business. After one year of building connections, Skyler was able to lease a facility where he could store, clean, and sell barrels to professional brewers. With more money, he was able to source top-notch barley and hops to create his distinctive flavor, increasing the value of his business.

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Services Offered

Rocky Mountain Barrel Co provides storage, cleaning, and selling of barrels to professional brewers. Barrels are not only used to store beer, but also to age other spirits such as whiskey and tequila. Skyler's company also blends and infuses hops to provide different flavors. Skyler also sells a variety of grains, yeast, and hops for large projects or custom-built breweries.

Achievements Thus Far

  • Successfully worked with nearly every brewery in Colorado.
  • Securing pieces of funding to support the business.
  • Leasing a facility for the business.
  • Sourcing top-notch barley and hops to create distinctive flavors.
  • Providing storage, cleaning, and selling of barrels.
  • Blending and infusing hops to provide different flavors.
  • Selling grains, yeast, and hops to customers.


Skyler Weekes is an inspirational entrepreneur who has been able to make his business a success in a highly competitive market. Through hard work and dedication, he has achieved what he set out to do and has become the go-to guy for many craft breweries. Rocky Mountain Barrel Co is continuously evolving, adapting and striving for excellence, setting the bar for the craft beer industry in Colorado.

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