The Legendary Samichlaus: World's Strongest Lager

Brew-lovers rejoice! This winter an intense beer experience is coming back to tantalize your taste-buds. Samichlaus, the world's strongest lager made with 14% ABV is making a comeback! Considered to be the original extreme beer, its arrival signals that winter just got that much colder and so much tastier. Journey into an icy wonderland and discover the king of lagers, Samichlaus!

Samichlaus, a cherished Swiss beer, is the world-renowned strongest lager in the world, registered with an impressive 14% alcohol content by volume (ABV). Fondly referred to as the original Extreme Beer, it has become an iconic symbol in the beer world. With a history steeped in tradition and culture, the beer gives life to an area of die-hard supporters, stretching across the continents.

The History of Samichlaus

The name Samichlaus first appeared in the mid-1800’s in Switzerland and was derived from ”Nicholaus” - the traditional gift giving St. Nicholas figure. In the early days, the beer’s recipe was developed by the Stout Hürlimann Brewery in Zurich, Switzerland. In 1980, the recipe was acquired and brewed at the Castle Brewery Eggenberg in Austria, as strong and as flavorful as ever.

The Samichlaus brewing process is a lengthy one, with several aging stages. The lager is brewed only once a year on December 6th - the feast of St. Nicholas - and is stored chilly for at least 10 months. Each batch takes up to 14 weeks until it matures and it is not pasteurised, ensuring that the beer maintains its exquisite flavour. Nowadays the beer is brewed in Germany by Schloss Eggenberg, as the name Hürlimann is not longer in use since the brewery closed in 1997.

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The Unique Taste of Samichlaus

Samichlaus is indeed an extremely strong beer and its unique taste comes from the combination of select malts and hops, which leads to a full-bodied flavour. It offers a rich and fruity aroma, followed by a sweet and lightly malty taste with a hint of dark fruitiness. It offers a smooth, velvety aftertaste with no higher bitterness - a result of the Sterling and Spalt hops used.

Serving Samichlaus

Due to its impressive 14% ABV, Samichlaus is a strong beer, best served in its original form, without being amended or enhanced. It is best sipped from a stemmed tulip glass - allowing the aroma of fine yeast and malt to come forward. Since its balanced sweetness can be rather strong, it is best accompanied by sweet and salty snacks - such as cured meats, salted nuts and dark chocolate. If the 14% is too much for the palate, Samichlaus can also be blended with other beers or spirits.

Award Winners

The success of Samichlaus has been globally recognised, winning awards in major beer competitions in 2018, such as:

  • World Beer Cup - Gold Medal
  • European Beer Star - Gold Medal
  • World Beer Awards - World’s Best Traditional Strong Lager

The extreme level of alcohol presents Samichlaus as a beer for the connoisseurs, appreciated for its relatively low bitterness, full-bodied flavour and powerful aroma and taste. With an ABV of 14%, one bottle could easily quench any beer-lover’s thirst.

The Price of Samichlaus

Since its brewing process is strict and extremely laborious, Samichlaus’ prices may differ depending on the country, but they typically range between €1 - €2 per bottle. Considering the ABV of 14%, the price could be considered quite reasonable, considering how long it takes to mature the beer.

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Final Thoughts

Samichlaus caresses the taste buds like no other beer and it brings joy to a variety of beer drinkers - especially those looking for a stronger beer. This superior quality beer is offered in limited quantities, making it all the more special for connoisseurs and enthusiasts. A true testament to the golden age of brewing and the craftsmanship of brewers, the Samichlaus experience cannot be compared to anything else.

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