Timeless Libations in Ohio's Historic Dry Town

The longest dry spell in US history is now being quenched by Temperance Row Brewing Company - the first microbrewery to open in a small town in Central Ohio in 148 years! Led by a dedicated brewmaster, Temperance Row's blend of classic beer recipes brings history to life, serving up a unique taste of their heritage in every glass. Get ready to discover timeless styles in the world's dry capital - check out Temperance Row Brewing Company!

Temperance Row Brewing Company: Classic Styles in the World’s Dry Capital

Temperance Row Brewing Company holds a nostalgic place in brewing history with timeless beers and an iconic brewmaster in a small town in central Ohio that was dry for 148 years. Although the town was slated to remain dry for a long time, the brewery was started on Temperance Row Road, providing a way to offer enough beer styles to please any enthusiast.

Ohio’s Prohibition-era Brewing History

Temperance Row Brewing Company is enrolled in the state of Ohio’s Bureau of Liquor Control beer registry, where a street name is listed as the brewery’s address. While Temperance Row Road is named for its previous dry status, the name also serves as a reminder of the area’s brewing history during the nationwide Prohibition era.

In 1920, at the start of the Prohibition-era, many breweries and saloons were forced to close. However, with an eye for quality and creativity, Temperance Row Brewing Company was founded. This craft brewery was the first of its kind to exist in an area with a long history of alcohol prohibition.

Timeless Beer Styles

Since its creation, Temperance Row has become well-known for its classic beer styles. The brewery features a wide selection of IPAs and ales, stouts and lagers, pilsners and wheat beers, porters and ESBs. The brewery uses a traditional style combined with modern techniques in their brews, offering flavors that satisfy all types of beer drinkers.

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Iconic Brewmaster

Johann Gottlieb is the head brewmaster at Temperance Row Brewing Company. Johann has been at the helm since the very beginning and is well-known for his mastery of beer blending. With an eye for detail, he combines his traditional brewing techniques with ingredients from across the country, creating unique and timeless flavors.

Many of the brewery’s beers are named after the people who inspired Johann and his passion for beer. For example, the “Gratini” label is dedicated to 19th-century brewmaster Carl August Gratini, and the “Rua” label pays homage to German brewer August Wilhelm Rau.

Sustainability and Environmental Commitment

An additional point of pride for Temperance Row Brewing Company is its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. The brewery operates using eco-friendly technologies and processes, and they are committed to reducing their carbon footprint through responsible recycling, packaging and energy conservation.

In addition, the brewery has recently invested in solar energy technology, which will enable them to produce all of their energy needs from renewable energy sources. This commitment to renewable energy is a major step towards creating a more sustainable future for Temperance Row and for beer-brewing all over the world.


Temperance Row Brewing Company is a unique craft brewery that resides in a town with a long history of dryness. With timeless beer styles and an iconic brewmaster, Temperance Row is one of the nation’s leading craft brewers. Beyond their delicious beer, they are also committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Therefore, those looking to experience a classic brewery with a modern twist should check out Temperance Row Brewing Company.

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