40 Years in Beer: Larry Sidor & Crux Fermentation

For beer aficionados, it's a dream come true - Larry Sidor, highly regarded expert of the Pacific Northwest beer industry, has just founded Crux Fermentation Project in Bend, Oregon. With his tremendous experience and knowledge of the craft beer world, Sidor is sure to make his dream come to life in the form of an incredible microbrewery. Follow Larry Sidor's journey to success with Crux Fermentation Project, and taste the beer of your dreams along the way.

Crux Fermentation Project: The Story of Founder Larry Sidor

With over 40 years of experience in the Pacific Northwest beer industry, Larry Sidor has accomplished a great deal. He has recently taken his work to the next level by founding the new Bend, Orgeon institution, the Crux Fermentation Project. The Crux Fermentation Project has quite the story behind it, and Larry Sidor has had a central role in its rise to the top. Here’s what you need to know.

About Larry Sidor

Larry Sidor is an American craft brewer and yoga instructor. He has over 40 years experience in the beer industry, having worked with some of the largest brewers in the world, such as Anheuser Busch, Deschutes Brewery, and Full Sail Brewing. In addition to this, Larry is an avid yogi. He has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 20 years, an activity which he finds extremely relaxing and cites as an integral part of his life.

In 2012, Larry took the leap and ventured out on his own, founding his own brewery, the Crux Fermentation Project. This brewery has since become a Bend, Oregon staple, supplying the area with some of the finest beer.

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The Crux Fermentation Project Story

The story of the Crux Fermentation Project is an inspiring one. Despite Larry’s extensive experience in the craft beer industry, founding his own brewery still posed many challenges. After careful consideration, he decided to put his plans into action and open the brewery. The idea behind Crux Fermentation Project was to create something novel and unique – something which had never been attempted before.

In order to achieve this, Larry decided to focus on brewing Belgian-style beers. One of the styles he chose to focus on was the Belgian witbier, known for its refreshingly light taste. In addition to the witbier, the brewery also produces a range of other Belgian-style beers such as the Flanders Red, Dubbel and Tripel.

The brewery is well respected amongst the Bend and wider Oregon community. It has achieved a number of awards and accolades and is seen as a leader in the craft beer industry. This is a testament to Larry’s ambition and hard work, which resulted in the successful founding of the Crux Fermentation Project.

The Philosophy and Process of the Crux Fermentation Project

The philosophy behind the Crux Fermentation Project is unique; every beer brewed by the establishment is not only delicious, but also has an unmistakable personality. No two beers brewed are the same, which shows off the skill and craftsmanship of Larry and the other master brewers at the project.

The mastery behind the beer brewing process is something Larry takes great pride in. Every beer has its own unique story and its own distinct personality, telling the tale of its creation and the team who created it. The beers brewed at Crux Fermentation Project embody a sense of history and tradition, honouring the Belgian style brewing methods while still offering something novel and different.

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The Great Team Behind Crux Fermentation Project

Teamwork is of paramount importance when it comes to craft beer brewing. The staff at Crux Fermentation Project are all incredibly passionate about their craft and are highly experienced in their respective fields. Larry and his team are constantly pushing themselves to create beers that live up to their own exacting standards. This dedication is something which is palpable in the brewery and has been a major factor in its success.

The core team at Crux Fermentation Project are:

  • Larry Sidor (Founder/Brewmaster)
  • Leah Erickson (Brewer/Cellar Master)
  • Mike Visicaro (Brewer/Logistics Coordinator)
  • Lilia Merk (Controller)

The team may be small but the end result speaks for itself. The beers created at the Crux Fermentation Project have won numerous awards for their unique flavour and quality.

Larry Sidor’s Legacy

Larry Sidor has achieved a great deal with the founding of Crux Fermentation Project. He has created a successful and respected business which stands out from the crowd due to its unique offerings. Every beer brewed by the establishment has its own unique personality, which is

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