Brew U: Brewing Education for All

Are you looking to become an expert in beer brewing? Whether you're a first-time brewer or a brewing veteran, Brew U has you covered. From top brewing schools to books to hone your beer knowledge and advocacy skills, learn here how to take your beer game to the next level. Discover the resources and tips to transform from a novice to a beer master.

Go Beyond the Bar with Brewing Education

Brewing may seem like an art that you can only learn through trial and error, but the internet and new technology work together to help brewers of all levels learn the secrets and science of how to create the perfect beer. From the home brewer just getting their feet wet to the master brewer, there are plenty of resources both online and IRL to learn more about brewing, beer advocacy, and more.

Brewing Classes

No matter where you're located, there is likely a location near you where you can learn from experts in the brewing field. Here is a round-up of top brewing schools:

  • BrewU - BrewU is an online curriculum where students have the chance to learn from experienced brewers and brew their own beer. Students will have access to online courses about beer tasting, draught systems, brewing science, recipe development, and much more.
  • Brew Drinkers University - Brew Drinkers University is a comprehensive brewing school that focuses on education and community. Each course includes access to faculty, monthly home brew challenges, and a full library of beer-based information.
  • Brewers Academy of America - Founded in 2003, the Brewers Academy Of America is a unique educational experience available to budding homebrewers. Students can access classes, workshops and tastings and gain real-life insights into craft brewing.
  • Microbrewers Institute of Brewing Science and Technology - The MIBST’s Microbrewers Institute of Brewing Science and Technology is designed for experienced homebrewers as well as professionals in the brewing industry. With a comprehensive hands-on course focusing on brewing technology, biochemistry and microbiology, fermentation, and beer tasting and food pairing, students will be well prepared for a career in the brewing field.
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Books for Learning More

Want to learn more from the comfort of your home? Luckily there are plenty of amazing books on beer and brewing that can help expand your knowledge and skillset. Here are some of the top books on brewing:

  1. The Joy of Home Brewing by Charlie Papazian - This book is a great starting point for beginning brewers who are new to the field. Charlie Papazian offers a complete primer for beer brewing, providing readers with a foundation of skills and techniques that will help them produce amazing beer every time.
  2. The Complete Joy of Homebrewing by Charlie Papazian - This book is considered the bible of home brewing and is an all-in-one guide to the art and science of beer brewing. Papazian covers everything from basic equipment and ingredients, to complex techniques and processes.
  3. Designing Great Beers by Ray Daniels - Aimed at brewers who want to push their skills to a higher level, this book provides in-depth information on beer design and technical brewing knowledge. This book is perfect for seasoned brewers who want to know more about the science behind beer.
  4. Brewing Eclectic IPA by Ellen JoyLAND - If you’re looking to learn more about modern IPA brews, then this is the book for you. JoyLAND provides both experienced and novice brewers with guidance on achieving optimal flavors for modern IPAs.

Tips for Becoming a Better Beer Advocate

If you’re serious about becoming a great brewer, then understanding beer can help you develop a better repertoire. Here are some tips for becoming a better beer advocate:

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