Fresh Beer All Day: The Growler Saver!

Are you a craft beer enthusiast with a love of refillable growlers? Do you get frustrated when the beer you take home from the taproom isn't quite as fresh as when first poured? Well, the solution to your brewing woes is here! Introducing the Growler Saver - a patent-pending cap that fits on most traditional growlers, ensuring a draft-like beer taste by maintaining pressure and freshness, even after breaking the original seal! So don't lose hope for your favourite craft beer pitches - save your growlers and keep your beer store-fresh with the Growler Saver!

Save The Growlers!

Beer lovers rejoice! Everyone from amateur brewers to connoisseurs enjoy having a beer growler in their arsenal of supplies. But what happens when those growlers go bad? If the beer inside is opened, it will go flat and within a few days it will turn – quite literally - into a waste of money. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the Growler Saver, a patent-pending cap that fits most traditional growlers and ensures a draft-like beer pour, even after breaking the original seal!

What is a Growler?

A growler is a container used to store and transport craft beer, typically with a capacity of 64 ounces, or one gallon. Growlers often take the form of a jug, but increasingly they come in screw-top squealer and flip-top cans. Most home brewers and craft beer aficionados have one or more growlers nestled in their refrigerator, under the kitchen sink, or in a cabinet.

What Makes Growlers So Popular?

Growlers are popular for several reasons. First, craft beer does not travel well in bottles. Because it is unpasteurized, it has a relatively short shelf-life and brewers often recommend that beer remain cooled and carbonated up to the point of consumption. Second, many craft beers are not available in bottles, cans or kegs for retail sale. Thus a growler provides a bridge between the brewery and the consumer. Last, it often is more economical to buy beer in a growler than to buy it one bottle at a time.

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What's the Problem?

The issue is that, once the original seal on the growler has been broken and the beer is exposed to air, the beer will go flat and will devalue over time. The more oxygen that interacts with the beer, the more quickly it degrades. Unfortunately, traditional growlers don't come with any kind of resealable cap. So, once the seal on the lid has been broken, it's difficult to keep the beer fresh.

Introducing the Growler Saver!

The Growler Saver is a patent-pending cap that fits most traditional growlers and ensures a draft-like beer pour, even after breaking the original seal. It features a one-size-fits-all, flip-top design that is easy to use and air-tight, meaning the beer will stay carbonated and fresh for days longer than with a conventional growler.

The cap is made of food-grade plastic, allowing for reuse and easy sterilization to prevent contamination. Simply put, the Growler Saver is an economical way to extend the life and keep your growler beer fresh, as if it were coming right out of the tap!

Advantages of the Growler Saver

  • Re-sealable cap
  • Easy-to-use flip-top design
  • Air-tight seal keeps beer carbonated
  • Reduces waste and extends shelf-life of beer
  • Food-grade plastic construction allows for re-use and easy sterilization

Additional Benefits Of The Growler Saver

In addition to improving the life of your beer, the Growler Saver offers a number of additional benefits. First, it prevents spills and oxygen seepage, which prevents beer from going flat. It’s also portable and easy to transport, as it fits snugly into most backpacks and cooler bags.

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Second, the Growler Saver is also a great way to keep beer cold and in the optimal temperature range for longer periods of time. Most of us know that it’s best to keep beer cold to maintain its peak flavor and freshness. With the Growler Saver, you can keep your beer cold for hours, or even a day or two! This means you can enjoy a freshly opened beer growler anytime, anywhere.

How Easy Is The Growler Saver To Use?

The Growler Saver is incredibly easy to use. First, make sure the lid of the growler is clean, as any residue will affect the effectiveness of the seal. Next, simply remove the existing lid,

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