Adventuring into Sour with Jason Pellett

At Orpheus Brewing, Jason Pellett is creating innovative beers that are pushing the envelope of craft beer flavors! Working as an evangelist for beers that challenge drinkers’ palates, he is helping to make sour and funky flavors accessible to the average beer drinker. Learn more about Jason Pellett and the beers he is producing at Orpheus Brewing.

Jason Pellett of Orpheus Brewing

Orpheus Brewing is an Atlanta-based craft brewery, founded in 2014. At its helm behind the fermentors is Jason Pellett, a head brewer better known as an evangelist for beers that push drinkers’ palate beyond the ordinary. With an extensive background in fermentation, beverage production, and bar service, Jason puts his beer-making know-how into practice at the brewery and helps carve out a local market for sour and funky flavors among more casual beer drinkers.

Early Career

Before taking up the post at Orpheus, Jason held several impressive positions in the beer industry. He served as head brewer at Haven Restaurant and Bar, as well as a brewer for The Gun Show and The Optimist. At Haven, he was tasked with creating craft beer alongside Chef Andrew Whitcomb, which still serves popular today. Throughout his career, Jason has worked to optimize beers’ bubbly flavors, Experimenting with time-tested traditional styles while pushing the boundaries of sour, funky, and wild brews.

Actions At Orpheus Brewing

Since taking the position at Orpheus, Jason has become well-known among the beer-faring community. The brewery, located in Atlanta and open to the public, focuses on mixing inside-the-box brewing treatments with out-of-the-box flavors. They bring a sense of experimentation to Atlanta’s craft beer culture, creating unique and flavorful beers with unconventional ingredients. Among the hits Jason has crafted for Orpheus include the fan-favorite ‘Transmigration of Souls,’ a Belgian-style pale ale infused with mango, peaches, and apricots.

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The Future of Orpheus Brewing

As the head brewer and evangelist for Orpheus, Jason looks to further expand the brewery by introducing more innovative recipes to the craft beer masses. He aims to continue to push beer drinkers’ taste buds with a variety of new, exciting flavors. He’s also searching for ways to increase the number of beers Orpheus makes available to the public, whether through new beers on tap or a larger distribution of the brewery’s bottles and cans. As of now, Jason and the team at Orpheus are dedicating themselves to making masterful creations that’ll make a lasting impression on Atlanta’s diverse craft beer scene.

Key Achievements At Orpheus

  • Increased number of available beers 10-fold within a 2-year period.
  • Developed award-winning sour, funky, and wild brews.
  • Masterful beer production that is acclaimed by the beer-faring community.
  • Successfully pulled in a larger selection of casual beer drinkers.


Under the beer-making leadership of Jason Pellett, Orpheus Brewing has made a positive impact on Georgia’s craft beer culture. His adventurous attitude, paired with his technical ability in brewing, has created a wide variety of award-winning craft beers. With a great deal of passion and dedication, Jason looks to solidify Orpheus further as a craft beer leader and open the door to more experimentation with beer flavors.

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