Boston's Brewing Pioneer: Jean-Claude Tetreault

For over 30 years, Jean-Claude Tetreault has been co-founding and co-owning Boston's beloved Trillium Brewing, one of only three production breweries in the city proper since 1986. Despite the long span of his career, Jean-Claude still has a firm grip on the way the city's beer industry functions and knows better than anyone that the landscape won't be changing anytime soon. Come learn more about his story and the legacy of Trillium Brewing!

Since 1986, Boston has seen numerous changes to its landscape, however, there has been surprisingly few changes to its brewery landscape with only three production breweries, Trillium Brewing included. As co-founder and co-owner, Jean-Claude Tetreault is one of the founding members of Trillium Brewing and is credited with introducing a much-needed and well-received addition to the city. With Jean-Claude at the helm, the company has been able to achieve considerable success, ensuring the brewery remains a fundamental and unchanging aspect of the Boston and New England local area.

The History of Trillium Brewing

Trillium Brewing Company was founded in 2013 by Jean-Claude and his wife Esther. With a shared passion for craft beer and brewing, together with their fascination for creating unique flavors and combinations, Jean-Claude and Esther decided to create their own brewery. Shortly before the brewery was opened to the public, their son Cormac joined the business, and since the opening, Trillium has played an instrumental role in the city's beer culture.

Since its first release, Trillium has gained a high level of recognition and established a loyal following. Jean-Claude's passion for beer and brewing has resulted in the production of high-quality and diverse beer, leading to Trillium's strong presence in the craft beer scene.

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Jean-Claude's Mission

Jean-Claude has always aimed to provide a beer that caters to the diverse palate of beer brewers while paying homage to the city's history and culture. His mission to honor his Boston roots has been the driving force behind Trillium's success. Additionally, Jean-Claude also is also committed to creating a refreshing and enjoyable beer that offers a unique taste experience. With each selection at Trillium, Jean-Claude has worked hard to show beer enthusiasts the various complexities and nuances of beer.

Trillium's Acclaim

Trillium has consistently received a high level of praises for their beer. Over the years, their beer has received numerous awards, including "Best Brewery" from the Eastern States Exposition Beerfest, "Brewers Choice" from the Brewers Association to name a few. Trillium has also been recognized by numerous beverage outlets and industry experts as one of the best breweries in Boston. Additionally, Trillium has had their products featured in some of the best beer bars around the world.

The Future of Trillium

Jean-Claude Tetreault’s knowledge and passion for beer is readily apparent in Trillium's offerings and accomplishments. With these achievements, it is clear that Trillium will remain as a key part of Boston's brewing landscape for the foreseeable future. Jean-Claude is actively exploring new avenues and opportunities to enhance the Trillium Brewing experience and will continue to brew exceptional beer in the years to come.

  • Jean-Claude and his wife Esther founded Trillium Brewing Company in 2013
  • Their son Cormac soon after joined the business
  • Jean-Claude has a passion for creating unique beer flavors and combinations
  • Trillium has gained notable recognition and had a loyal following since its first release
  • Jean-Claude strives to provide a beer that honors Boston's history and culture
  • Trillium has received numerous awards and recognition from the beer community
  • Jean-Claude is actively exploring new avenues to enhance the Trillium experience
  • Assuming the success of Trillium, Boston's brewery landscape won't be changing any time soon
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Jean-Claude Tetreault's Brewing Philosophy

Jean-Claude's philosophy in brewing has always been to create unique and exciting beers that are exceptionally well crafted. A beer can often tell a story and Jean-Claude has taken it upon himself to tell stories through his creations. He is dedicated to creating beers that honor the city of Boston and its history while also providing something new and exciting. The focus is always on quality, creativity, and innovation, while being mindful of the customers' preferences.

Jean-Claude's Impact on Boston's Brewery Scene

Since its inception, Trillium has been a major driving force in the Boston craft beer scene. There were only three production breweries operating in Boston since 1986, when Trillium was founded. The brewery's popularity and

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