Brewing Rebelliously: The Martin Dickie Story

Martin Dickie, co-founder of BrewDog Brewery, is pioneering a craft beer revolution in Scotland. His wildly successful brewery, located in a tiny village on Scotland’s northeast coast, has achieved huge success thanks to groundbreaking and innovative beers which have sparked debate throughout the UK beer industry. From gaining international recognition to becoming a go-to destination for beer from around the world, Martin Dickie and BrewDog Brewery have made great leaps in pushing the boundaries of UK beer culture.

Based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, BrewDog Brewery is a global business empire whose uncompromising desire for innovation and quality has earned them a cult following. Founded in 2007 by Martin Dickie and James Watt, two unemployed twenty-somethings with a passion for craft beer, BrewDog has grown to become a major player in the British brewing scene. With an uncompromising focus on quality and innovation, BrewDog has pushed the boundaries of what beer can be, and has done so with a style and aplomb that has earned them a global fan base.

BrewDog's Rise To International Fame

Unleashing a series of bold and unorthodox beers, BrewDog quickly amassed a massive and devoted following. Their eye-catching beer labels, fancy beer-artwork and hard-hitting marketing have helped BrewDog to stand out from the crowd, and have pushed the debate about beer in the UK way beyond the traditional idea of cask ale.

BrewDog's flagship beer, Punk IPA, was officially launched in 2007 and immediately caught the attention of beer enthusiasts. Quickly building a reputation as a brewery willing to take risks, BrewDog has since released a wide range of delicious and daring beers, ranging from the iconic Craft Lager to the intensely hoppy Dead Pony Club and the infamous ghostly-white/black Serene.

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Bold Business & Controversy

With a strong online presence and an extensive network of bars and pubs across the UK, BrewDog is now a major force in the craft beer movement. Brewing over 200,000 hectolitres of beer each year, BrewDog commands a global audience from a tiny outpost on Scotland's northeast coast.

BrewDog's success has also come with controversy. They have been accused of taking advantage of the craft beer trend and cheapening it with their bold, brash and sometimes outlandish branding. This has inflamed some critics, but that hasn’t stopped their passionate supporters. BrewDog has also been criticised by traditional British brewers, who see the rise of craft beer as a threat to the industry. Despite all the controversy, BrewDog's popularity continues to grow.

Leadership: Martin Dickie

The driving force behind BrewDog's success has been Martin Dickie, who joined the company in 2007 when it was just an idea. Working alongside his co-founder James Watt, Martin has led the charge to make BrewDog a global phenomenon. With an incredible dynamic and can-do attitude, Martin and James have turned BrewDog into the powerhouse brand it is today.

Martin brings an unyielding passion for beer, business and innovation to the table. From BrewDog’s pioneering and creative approach to their heavy online presence, Martin has been the driving force behind it all, which accounts for the immense success of the BrewDog Brewery.

Investing In The Future of Craft Beer

In 2018, BrewDog launched "Equity for Punks", a revolutionary investment program that lets people invest in the company and take part in the success of the brand. This bold move has helped BrewDog raise funds and build an even larger global audience of beer enthusiasts, who are eager to share their passion for quality beer and support their favourite brewery.

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Martin has also brought his passion for beer to the forefront with his book “BrewDog: The Craft Beer Revolution - How a Couple of Scottish Lads took on the World”. The book tells the incredible story of BrewDog's rise, from two men with a dream and a homemade brewery to an international craft beer juggernaut.

A Passion For Beer & Innovation

With Martin at the helm, BrewDog is continuing to push the boundaries of craft beer, innovating with new styles and ingredients. They’re also experimenting with barrel-aging, sour-style beer and a range of beers made in collaboration with other breweries. BrewDog’s commitment to quality has seen them become an international success, and the brand's passionate fanbase grows every day.

BrewDog Brewery commands a global audience from a tiny outpost on Scotland’s northeast coast. Its beers have inflamed critics and ignited a debate about what beer in the UK can and should be. Martin Dickie is the driving force behind this success, with a passion for beer, business and innovation and a pioneering business model. From their uncompromising commitment to quality and creative attitude to their bold online presence and controversial branding, BrewDog's future looks bright.

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