Connecting Man and Nature: Zion Canyon Brewing

Nestled at the foot of the magnificent Zion Canyon National Park, Zion Canyon Brewing Company is living up to its mission of connecting man and nature through its beer. Using specifically chosen natural ingredients and unique brewing methods, this small brewery in Springdale, Utah is creating award-winning craft beer that captures the beauty and diversity of the park it calls home. Come explore the local flavors of Zion and find out what makes this craft beer truly remarkable.

Zion Canyon Brewing Company is a small brewing company in Springdale, Utah – the entrance of the majestic Zion Canyon National Park. Beyond crafting quality beers, this brewery is dedicated to creating a bridge between nature and humankind by combining craft beer with outdoor adventures.

Mission of Zion Canyon Brewing Company

The mission of Zion Canyon Brewing Company is to connect people with nature through its craft beer creations. This mission is embedded in the company's philosophy and it’s the reason why it strives to produce beers of high quality that are made with natural ingredients.

Unique Offering

Zion Canyon Brewing Company takes their mission quite seriously and offers unique beer experiences. This includes hands-on brewing classes as well as beer tasting events. The brewing classes teach people the art of beer making and also simultaneously instill in them a keener appreciation of nature and its ingredients.

Apart from organized tasting events, Zion Canyon Brewing Company also allows people to taste the creations of their master brewers on the spot. The ‘Taste of Springdale' tour offers guests a chance to visit the brewery and taste their beers without having to purchase a full flight.

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Brewing Practices

Zion Canyon Brewing Company’s philosophy extends to their brewing practices as well. All the handcrafted ales, lagers, and sours are brewed using only the finest quality ingredients.

The brewers at Zion Canyon Brewing Company believe that to truly bring out the best flavors, they must go beyond the standards used in the craft beer industry. To this end, each beer that the company produces is monitored closely by the brewery’s team to ensure it meets their high-quality standards.

What Sets Zion Canyon Brewing Company Apart?

At Zion Canyon Brewing Company, sustainability is at the core of their brewing practices. In almost every step of their brewing process, they strive to preserve and protect the environment.

  • The energy consumed by the brewery is supplied by solar and wind power.
  • The company is constantly reusing the waste water generated in the process to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • All the ingredients used in their brewing processes are harvested from sustainable sources.
  • They are staunch supporters of local farmers and are actively engaged in the Buy Utah campaign.

This, coupled with the combination of great beer and outdoor experiences, is what sets Zion Canyon Brewing Company apart from other breweries in the Utah area.

Events and Adventures

For those who are looking for a more immersive experience, Zion Canyon Brewing Company also organizes custom tours. Everything from hikes, mountain bike rides and even canyoneering can be arranged to pair with beer tasting depending on what the guests are looking for.

Those who prefer to stay at the brewery can partake in any of their signature events. These include seasonal festivals, tours, tastings and beer-pairing dinners.

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Creating a connection between nature and craft beer has long been Zion Canyon Brewing Company’s mission. And through their handcrafted brews and unique experiences, they are one brew house that stands out among all the others in the Utah region.

From environmental sustainability to connecting people with nature, Zion Canyon Brewery Company has thought of it all. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure or just a refreshing beer, the Zion Canyon Brewing Company won’t disappoint.

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