Craft Beer Innovation: Wind River Brewing Co.

As an apprentice of his father David, the first independent craft beer distributor in Portland, Richard Strom is on the road to following his legacy. Join us in uncovering the story behind Wind River Brewing Co. in Pinedale, Wyoming, and its ambitious brewmaster. Get to know Richard, learn the secrets to the perfect beer, and find out the mystery behind David's craft beer distribution in Oregon. Discover how two generations of brewers have come together to bring craft brewing legend to the Cowboy State.

Wind River Brewing Co. is a craft brewery located in Pinedale, Wyoming. Founded by Richard Strom, the brewery produces a variety of world-class craft beers that are truly crafted to perfection. Richard's father, David, was the first independent craft beer distributor in Portland, Ore., which greatly inspired Richard to pursue the highly respected craft beer industry.

About Richard Strom

David Strom's immense passion for craft beer and its culture inspired Richard to brew his own beers. Richard had been home brewing on a small system prior to taking charge of Wind River Brewing Co., but it was his father's foray into the craft beer industry that pushed Richard to pursue fulfilling his dream of becoming a craft beer brewer. With close to two decades of professional brewing experience, Richard has earned the title of brewmaster at Wind River Brewing Co. Among other accomplishments, Richard was awarded a Silver Medal at the 2014 Great American Beer Festival for his Bear Super Saison.

A Commitment to Quality

At Wind River Brewing Co., using the freshest, highest quality ingredients is of utmost importance. All of their products are brewed as close to the source of the raw material as possible to ensure the freshest flavors for their customers. Their team of master brewers are totally and utterly committed to delivering quality craft beer to each and every customer.

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Wind River Brewing Co. Beers

Whether you're looking for an India Pale Ale, Porter or Pale Ale, Wind River Brewing Co. has it all. From their popular Awesomestick IPA to their Bear Super Saison, each of their craft beers is renowned for its smooth, well-balanced flavors. Take a look at some of the Wind River Brewing Co. beers below:

  • Awesomestick IPA
  • The Wilson Porter
  • Hoptimus Prime Imperial IPA
  • Totally Nice Pale Ale
  • Bear Super Saison

Sustainable Brewing

Wind River Brewing Co. prides itself on upholding the highest standards of environmental sustainability. They employ a range of processes and technologies to ensure their business operates in the most sustainable manner possible. These processes include air locker tracking, an in-house waste management system, a closed-loop recycling program and rainwater collection tanks.

Events at Wind River Brewing Co.

Wind River Brewing Co. is renowned for hosting a range of enjoyable events that incorporate food, music and beer tastings. The brewery often collaborates with various local organizations to hold fundraisers and other special events, allowing the brewery to give back to the community. They are currently at the forefront of plans for the much-anticipated ‘Pinedale Summer Craft Beerfest,’ which is set to be the biggest and baddest beer fiesta the community has ever seen.

Visit Wind River Brewing Co.

Wind River Brewing Co. understands that it is not just the beer that makes a visit truly special, but the atmosphere too. You can visit the brewery to enjoy a complementary beer tasting, have a bite to eat in their restaurant or even join in on one of their educational craft beer brewing classes. Whether it's a business dinner, drinks with friends or a unique entertainment experience, Wind River Brewing Co. is the perfect place to visit.

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Wind River Beer Company Packages

In addition to traditional craft beer tasting, Wind River Brewing Co. also offers a range of beer-lover packages that you can enjoy. Depending on your interests, you can choose from a variety of packages, such as beer and cheese tasting, beer-paired dinner for two, and beer-themed gift basket. The brewery also organizes private beer tasting and brewery tours for an even more unique experience.

Wind River Beer Company Tours

You can also book a tour at Wind River Brewing Co. and learn all there is to know about handcrafted beer. Experienced tour guides will take you through the brewing process, from the grain room to the brew house and more. You will get to sample a variety of craft beers, learn about Wind River’s commitment to sustainable brewing, and take home some souvenirs. A craft beer speciality dinner can also be booked with your tour if desired.

Wind River Brewing Co. Shop

The Wind River Brewing Co. shop has a range

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