Crafting Quality Beers with a Personal Touch

Calling all beer lovers! If you're searching for a unique craft beer that's crafted with love, look no further! Matt and Kathy's hands-on approach to brewing craft beer, from stirring the mash to filling the bottles, promises a one-of-a-kind experience at the Indigo Imp Brewery. Dare to be different - try their one-off brews and signature beers for a truly indulgent experience!

Indigo Imp Brewery

Indigo Imp Brewery is a family-owned craft-brewing company located in Cleveland, Ohio. Founded in 2010 by husband-and-wife team Matt and Kathy, Indigo Imp specializes in producing quality ales and lagers using only natural ingredients.

Brewing Process

At Indigo Imp Brewery, each batch of beer is personally monitored and supervised by the owners. Matt and Kathy take great pride in their craft, and pay special attention to make sure that every beer they create is up to their exacting standards. The brewing process is a complex operation requiring skilled techniques, quality ingredients, and an eye for detail.


When brewing beer, the quality of the ingredients is absolutely essential. In order to guarantee that their beers are every bit as flavorful, aromatic, and enjoyable as possible, Matt and Kathy source only the finest hops, malt, yeast, and other ingredients. This all-natural approach ensures that the beers produced by Indigo Imp Brewery offer an unparalleled level of drinkability and flavor.

Hands-On Operation

Indigo Imp Brewery is truly a hands-on operation. Every single step of the brewing process is supervised, hand-stirred, and carefully monitored. This ensures that every beer created at Indigo Imp is of highest possible quality. Regardless of whether it’s a one-off brew or one of Indigo Imp’s signature beers, it will have Matt and Kathy’s mark all over it. It can’t be helped, as everything from stirring the mash to filling the bottles is done by their hands.

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Varieties Of Beer

Indigo Imp Brewery offers a wide variety of beer styles to meet the tastes of any and all beer drinkers. From classic ales to lagers, each beer is created in small batches to ensure perfection. Some of their signature brews include:

  • Carnsteiner Lager – A traditional German-style lager.
  • Drac & Insects – A Belgian-style dubbel.
  • Meadow’s Mead – The perfect summertime drinking ale.
  • Levant Ale – An English-style pale ale.

Brewery Tours & Events

In addition to producing world-class brews, Indigo Imp Brewery also hosts brewery tours, beer tastings, and other special events throughout the year. These interactive events are perfect for beer enthusiasts of all kinds, and allow visitors to learn about the complex brewing process firsthand.

Ordering & Distribution

Indigo Imp Brewery’s products are available to order online or through select retailers. The beers can also be found on tap at select bars and restaurants throughout the Greater Cleveland area. Keep an eye out for Indigo Imp at area pubs, breweries, and beer-tasting events.

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic lager or a unique, one-off brew, Indigo Imp Brewery has something for everyone. Each beer has been created with love, dedication, and care – something that Matt and Kathy take great pride in. So, if you’re looking for a truly craft beer experience, you can’t go wrong with Indigo Imp Brewery.

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