Brewer's Favorite Beer: Dave Quinn Speaks

If you love beer and want to know what goes into making it and why, then you'll want to read this article! From explaining the wide-world of beer to delving into Dave Quinn's thoughts as a brewer at Pisgah Brewing Co., this article will answer the biggest beer question: "What's Your Favorite Beer?" Find out which style of beer and breweries Dave chooses, and discover why his favourites are worth trying.

The Most Asked Question to a Brewer: “What’s Your Favorite Beer?”

At the mention of beer, many people’s eyes light up. Beer has a rich history, with its usage spanning centuries, and the variety and complexity of modern beers is impressive. Dave Quinn of Pisgah Brewing Co. understands and is passionate about beer, and he has a few thoughts to share on the wide world of beer and the question of what his favorite beer is.

Understanding the World of Beer

Ales, lagers, hybrids, and malt beverages all fit in the category of beer, with many different flavor and color profiles. In addition, beer can be spiced with herbs, spices, fruits, and other ingredients.

Dave Quinn recommends starting with lagers and then exploring ales. According to Quinn, drinking beer like you sip a fine wine is the best way to explore the world of beer. The journey of tasting beer should not be rushed. There are many subtle flavors to enjoy from each brewing style, and it’s best to savor the experience.

Popular Beers

Quinn observes that beer trends ebb and flow. In the early 90s, light American lagers were huge. Around the turn of the millennium, Amber beers with more flavor were the popular choice. He says that the craft beer movement has changed the American beer landscape and made a huge impact on the industry.

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According to Dave Quinn, Breweries creating IPAs, sour ales, and barrel-aged beers in the craft beer world are driving the market. He believes that the versatility and creativity of beer production today is what has led to the growth and development of the craft beer world. He notes that there is so much more out there compared to the macro breweries.

Barrel-Aged Beer

Dave Quinn is passionate about barrel-aged beers. The craft beer movement has harnessed the use of various barrels -- whiskey, rum, apple brandy, tequila, etc. -- to impart flavor to the beer. The result is a variation of styles that make up the world of barrel-aged beer.

For Quinn, there are few things as enjoyable as tasting a beer from a barrel. Every beer is a unique experience, with the wood particles and its flavors contributing to the complexity and richness of each beer variant. The process is time-consuming and complex, yet the rewards are well worth the effort.

Dave Quinn’s Favorite Beer

So what does Dave Quinn pick for his favorite beer? Spontaneous beers are what he puts high on his list. “It’s the art of using wild yeast, aging, and blending” that really catches his heart. With spontaneous beers, the brewing process is unpredictable yet the results are often simply stunning.

For Dave Quinn, there is no such thing as a favorite beer. There are just too many beers to choose from! He chooses different beers based on his mood, or the occasion, or to resolve a challenge. Above all, Quinn emphasizes that beer is an experience to be savored, enjoyed, and celebrated.

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It’s clear that Dave Quinn knows a lot about beer and the craft brewing process. He is passionate about different beer styles, and finds joy in exploring new variants and flavors. His enthusiasm and knowledge are contagious, and Beer lovers everywhere have found inspiration in his journey.

The most commonly asked question asked to brewers is of course “What’s your favorite beer?” For newcomers to the beer world, Dave Quinn’s advice is to start with lagers and then explore ales, and feel free to experiment and be creative in searching for your favorite beer.

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