Uinta's Will Hamill: A Craft Beer Bridgebuilder

Will Hamill of Uinta Brewing Company has created an impressive legacy in craft brewing. With a passion and talent to match, he has crafted an impressive range of session beers alongside some truly innovative specialty recipes. His success is living proof that the craft beer movement is evolving and that it doesn't have to compromise its quality to make something approachable. Follow the story of Will Hamill's path to success in this exclusive article.

Will Hamill of Uinta Brewing Company is a renowned figure in the craft brewing industry. As a founding member of Uinta, he has contributed many innovative and popular beers that have helped shape the craft beer movement. Will's legacy is one rooted deeply in the spirit of craft brewing and his passion for creating unique and flavorful beers.

Will Hamill's History in Craft Brewing

Will Hamill played a prominent role in the early craft beer movement. Starting in 1989, he created Uinta Brewing Company, a small brewpub located in Salt Lake City, Utah. At the time, the focus of craft beer was on strong, hoppy styles, and Uinta was at the forefront of the movement. Will quickly began crafting beer recipes that took full advantage of newly available hop varieties from the Pacific Northwest.

In 1997, he opened a larger production brewery in nearby Park City, Utah. This gave Uinta the opportunity to reach a much wider audience with its beers. Since that time, the company has grown to become one of the most respected craft breweries in the United States, with distribution often reaching all four corners of the country.

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Will's Signature Styles

Throughout its growth, Uinta has remained true to its roots of producing unique, high-quality beers. Will's approach to recipe development includes a focus on session beers, which are low in alcohol but still full in flavor. Paired with this philosophy is his commitment to creating big, bold specialty recipes. Whether it's a bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout or a sour saison, Will has a knack for taking ordinary ingredients to craft extraordinary beers.

In addition to his own beer recipes, Will also helps curate Uinta's partnership brewing program. Each year, Uinta releases several collaboration beers that are brewed with other breweries from around the world. These beers are often one-off recipes that make a unique statement with each release.

Key Contributions to the Industry

Will Hamill's influence on the craft beer industry extends beyond just the two breweries he founded. He currently sits on the board of directors for the Colorado-based Brewers Association, and he is an active member of the American Craft Beer Association. He is a sought-after speaker at craft beer events and seminars throughout the United States, and his contributions to the industry have made him a revered figure among many in the craft brewing community.

Will has also been instrumental in helping to promote craft beer in Utah. He was the creator of the Uinta Cup, a friendly competition among the craft brewers of Utah. He was also the driving force behind the increase of craft beer bars throughout the state, creating opportunities for beer lovers to come together in a welcoming atmosphere. In 2013, Will's efforts were recognized when he was named Utah's Brewer of the Year.

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Will Hamill of Uinta Brewing Company

Will Hamill of Uinta Brewing Company has one foot in each faction of the craft brewing community. His commitment to crafting approachable session beers is matched by his unrelenting passion for creating specialty and collaboration recipes. Whether it's through his many contributions to the craft beer industry, his curation of Uinta's partnership brewing program, or his promotion of craft beer in Utah, Will Hamill's influence continues to shape the craft beer movement.

Key Contributions

  1. Founded Uinta Brewing Company in 1989
  2. Helped to shape the early craft beer movement
  3. Created Uinta's partnership brewing program
  4. Sits on the board of directors for the Brewers Association
  5. Speaker at craft beer events and seminars
  6. Promote craft beer in Utah
  7. Named Utah's Brewer of the Year in 2013

Will Hamill of Uinta Brewing Company is a true pioneer of the craft beer movement. He has shown that by creating great beers, and being committed to quality, one can make a lasting impact on the craft beer world. With his deep roots in craft brewing, it can be assured that Will will continue to play a major role in the craft beer industry for years to come.

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