Reviving an Icon: Draught Bass

As the beer industry increasingly expands with craft beers and microbrews, some of the classic favorites have been left out and forgotten. Draught Bass, a beer with an iconic past, is in danger of disappearing from shelves - it is currently up for sale. Could this much-loved beer make a comeback, or is the brand destined to remain just a fond memory? Find out the answer in our special article, Draught Bass: A Neglected Icon.

Draught Bass: A Neglected Icon

Draught Bass, an iconic English beer, was once so popular it became a fixture in English pubs across the country. But, in recent decades, its quality and popularity have been on a steady decline. Currently, it’s the brand is on the market and the future of this historic brand is uncertain.

A Potted History of Draught Bass

Draught Bass’ long and illustrious history began over two hundred years ago—in 1777 to be exact. William Bass set up a brewery in Burton-on-Trent and within a few years, his beers were praised and enjoyed by the pubs in London. The discovery of the Burton saline springs at the brewery site and their high content of gypsum meant Bass could produce a pale ale of unprecedented quality, and so Draught Bass was born.

By the late 19th century, the popularity of Draught Bass had soared so much that it was estimated that half of all the beer drunk in the United Kingdom was Bass. It proved such a popular drink that it was served on the first dredger crossing of the English Channel and also given to the troops during WWI. It was also the first British beer brand to be exported to the United States, with the first shipment taking place in 1875.

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Declining Popularity

The quality and popularity of Draught Bass has been on a steady decline since the 1980s, when it was overtaken by rival lagers in terms of popularity. In 2002, the brewing of Draught Bass was outsourced to Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries and Molson Coors, where it remains brewed to this day. This wasn’t enough to stop the sales of the beer from continuing to decline, and today it accounts for a small fraction of what it once was.

Is there Hope For The Future?

Currently, the brand of Draught Bass is up for sale. It remains to be seen whether this marks the start of a new lease of life, or whether it’s the beginning of the end for this once-iconic beer brand. The brand will certainly face stiff competition from the ever-growing craft beer industry, so it has its work cut out for it.

What would it take for Draught Bass to be Successful?

To be successful Draught Bass would need to capitalize on its strong heritage, while also staying relevant with its target audience. It would also need to make sure its brewing practices are of a high standard, while keeping prices competitive.

What Could Non-Traditional Strategies Offer?

  • Partnering with local pubs to run special Draught Bass themed events
  • Creating more interactive marketing campaigns
  • Releasing new types of beer with innovative flavour combinations
  • Creating different types of glassware for different produces
  • Reaching a broader market through social media and targeted advertisements

Of course, there’s no guarantee that any of these strategies would help Draught Bass become successful. But whatever happens, the battle for the future of this brand looks set to be an interesting one. Only time will tell if this once-iconic beer can be saved and brought back to its former glory.

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