Culinary Crafted Beer: Augie Carton and Carton Brewing Company

Carton Brewing Company has been a staple of the Jersey Shore craft beer scene since it's launch in 2011. Founded by Augie Carton with the ambition to brew beer like chefs, creating new and flavorful recipes, Carton has quickly become one of the hottest destinations for local craft beer lovers. From IPAs to unique takes on classic Belgian styles, Carton has something for everyone. Come down to the Jersey Shore and experience the flavor of Carton Brewing Company yourself!

Augie Carton of Carton Brewing Company is an industry leader in the craft beer movement. Founded by Augie Carton in 2011, Carton Brewing Company is committed to producing unique and interesting beers that are sure to grab your attention.

As one of the industry's premier craft brewers, Carton Brewing Company takes pride in its innovative and thoughtful approach to creating new recipes and styles. Augie Carton's goal is to brew like a chef, taking the traditional brewing processes and upping the ante with unexpected ingredients.

From inventive recipes to original branding and packaging, Carton Brewing Company has quickly made a name for itself on the Jersey Shore and beyond. Whether you like pale ales, sour beers, or anything in between, Carton Brewing Company has a beer recipe for everyone.

The History of Carton Brewing Company

Augustine "Augie" Carton founded Carton Brewing Company in 2011 with a straightforward goal - to make great beer with great ingredients. Augie had a strong passion for food and craft beer, and saw an opportunity to combine them in a unique way.

His business philosophy is simple - use top-notch ingredients to create delicious beers that reflect the unique character of the Jersey Shore. That focus on quality helped Carton Brewing Company launch quickly and successfully, and it's paid off. In seven short years, Carton Brewing Company has become one of the most popular craft breweries on the East Coast.

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Carton Brewing Company Philosophy and Process

Carton Brewing Company takes a thoughtful and creative approach to brewing beer. Drawing on his background in the culinary world, Augie Carton crafts each of his beers like a chef - using flavor profiles, recipes, and techniques he's honed over the years.

Carton Brewing Company sources only the best ingredients for their beers, including local ingredients from the Jersey Shore and beyond. Augie is also passionate about sustainability, which is why he uses recycled materials for packaging and actively encourages the reuse of his products.

Carton Brewing Company Beers

Since launching, Carton Brewing Company has created dozens of unique and interesting beers. Each beer is carefully crafted, with special attention paid to ingredients and process. Whether you like fruity sours, hoppy IPAs, or anything in between, there's something for everyone at Carton Brewing Company.

Popular Beer Selections

  • Tall Tales Pale Ale- This American Pale Ale is characterized by its citrusy aroma, light body, and slight hop bitterness.
  • Tunnel Vision IPA- This American IPA is a classic IPA, featuring a nice balance of malt and hops and hints of pine and citrus.
  • Low Visibility Lager- This light-bodied lager is easy drinking, with a mild hop bitterness and a crisp finish.

Seasonal and Limited Release Beers

Carton Brewing Company regularly releases seasonal and limited-edition beers throughout the year. These beers are often unique, and reflect the season or the special occasion for which they were created. Some of Carton's seasonal and limited-edition beers include:

  1. Booyah! Belgian-Style Saison- This seasonal beer is brewed with a unique blend of Belgian ingredients and is fermented to a sweet and spicy finish.
  2. Pineapple Gose- This limited-edition beer is a sour German-style wheat beer brewed with real pineapple to create a sour and fruity flavor.
  3. County Road Coffee Porter- This robust porter is brewed with cold brewed coffee, lending it a dark and roasted malt character.
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Whether you're a fan of craft beer or just want to try something new, Carton Brewing Company has a beer for every possible taste. With Augie Carton's commitment to quality and innovation, you can never go wrong with a beer from Carton Brewing Company.

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