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Meredith Heil, a 27-year-old craft beer writer and event producer based in Brooklyn, is challenging the craft beer industry to take a closer look at its approach to diversity. As a woman and a member of the LGBTQ community, Heil wants to include more voices at the table in the conversation about craft beer, and is asking for the industry to reevaluate its current attitude towards those of alternate genders, orientations and cultural backgrounds.

Meredith Heil has become a leader in the craft beer industry, not just as a writer and event producer, but also as an advocate for greater representation and inclusion of women and members of the LGBTQ community. At just 27 years old, Meredith’s efforts are making a big impact on how the craft beer industry views and includes non-traditional groups.

Meredith Heil's Biography and Career in the Craft Beer Industry

Meredith Heil is a Brooklyn-based craft beer writer, event producer and advocate for women and members of the LGBTQ community. She discovered her passion for craft beer during her last year of college and since then has worked to make a positive impact on the industry.

Today, Meredith serves as Managing Editor at Brewers Association and contributes as a Craft Beer Writer at Nerdwallet. She has also co-founded a beer collective called Pink Boots Society - DC Chapter.

Meredith also hosts craft beer events and tastings at various venues in the New York area, such as the Rose Mansion and Hops & Hangers, to help promote and educate people about craft beer. She is a regular speaker at beer festivals and breweries, as well as a frequent official judge in craft beer competitions.

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Meredith Heil's Call for the Craft Beer Industry to Rethink its Attitude Towards Women and the LGBTQ Community

Meredith Heil is calling for a major overhaul in the craft beer industry’s attitude towards women and the LGBTQ community. She is urging the industry to be more inclusive and to create a welcoming environment so that all can feel comfortable in the craft beer world.

Meredith has been a vocal advocate for the inclusion of women and members of the LGBTQ community in the craft beer industry, writing blog posts and speaking at events. She has shared her thoughts on topics like equal pay, brewery marketing, and event diversity. Her message has been heard by many, with her writings and talks helping to lift the voices of those often shut out of the industry.

Meredith Heil's Achievements in the Craft Beer Industry

Meredith Heil's efforts have been widely recognized in the craft beer industry. She was named one of the “25 Great Women in Beer” by Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine, and was included in Ad Age's “30 Under 30” list. Additionally, she was part of the 2016 Zymurgy magazine story “Women in Beer.”

Meredith has also won numerous awards and accolades for her craft beer events, including the “Best Small Event” award from the Great American Beer Festival for her event at the Manhattan Beer Festival and the “Brewers Choice” award from the New York City Beer Festival for her work at the Brewers Collective.

How You Can Show Your Support of Meredith Heil's Work

Whether you’re a craft beer fan, a brewery owner, or just a supporter of equal opportunity in the industry, you can show your support of Meredith Heil’s advocacy and efforts by:

  • Following her on social media to stay updated on her work, events and appearances.
  • Attending craft beer events she produces or speaks at.
  • Supporting restaurants, bars and venues that host craft beer events and tastings.
  • Seeking out opportunities to volunteer at craft beer events and lend a hand.
  • Sharing and promoting articles, podcasts and videos featuring Meredith.
  • Encouraging breweries to focus on creating an inclusive and welcoming environment.
  • Speaking up and being an ally when you see someone being ignored or excluded in the craft beer industry.
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Meredith Heil is helping to redefine what it means to be a part of the craft beer community and is inspiring others to join in. Show your support for her work and help create a better industry for all.

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