Deliciously Crafted Beer Granola Bars

As of now, turning beer into snacks is no longer an impossible feat. In San Francisco, creative minds have revolutionized the food industry with the creation of granola bars made from beer. With the help of six breweries from the Bay Area, including Fort Point Beer Co. and 21st Amendment Brewery, they have achieved the impossible! This new recipe steps outside of the kitchen, by creating a new and exciting snack made entirely from spent grain. Enjoy the delicious taste of beer, without the drawback of intoxication!

With the craft beer industry booming all over the world, breweries are constantly in need of creative ways to use up the many byproducts of their popular product. San Francisco-based startup Eat Your Beer has found a unique way to do just that: turning the spent grain into crunchy, flavorful granola bars.

Spent grain is the solid residue leftover after the brewing process. As more craft breweries spring up and expand their offerings, their output of spent grain also increases. Eat Your Beer begins each bar by sourcing the spent grain from only the best breweries, before sending it off to their kitchen to be processed into sumptuous granola bar recipes.

What makes Eat Your Beer Granola Bars so special?

At Eat Your Beer, they believe no two beers should be the same - and that the same can be said for their granola bars. With unique flavors, like West Coast Oatmeal, a nutty combination of oats, almonds and cacao, and Peanut Butter Bayou, a mix of peanut butter, coconut, and oats - the bars offer something for every palette.

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The spent grain in the bars comes from six breweries in the San Francisco area, including Fort Point Beer Co. and 21st Amendment Brewery. The spent grain is then baked with honey, molasses, oils, and nuts to create fresh, delicious granola bars with a unique crunch.

How Can You Get Your Hands on an Eat Your Beer Granola Bar?

Eat Your Beer offers several ways for customers to enjoy their crunchy creations. Customers can purchase single bars or a four-pack of bars directly from their website.

Eat Your Beer also has a revolving subscription service that allows customers to explore some of their other flavors, like Almond Sea (a combination of nuts, oats, and honey), and Citrus Basil (a bright combination of tangerine and basil). With every four-pack subscription, customers also receive a bonus bar in every shipment.

Making a Difference with Eat Your Beer

In addition to creating unique, delicious snack bars, Eat Your Beer is also a proud supporter of sustainability. This is done both through their use of organic ingredients and through their support of farm-to-factory initiatives.

They also commit to reducing their water and energy usage on a daily basis, and strive to source all their ingredients from sustainable operations.

Eat Your Beer granola bars offer flavorful, wholesome snacks that are good for both the planet and your body.

Benefits of Eating Eat Your Beer Granola Bars

  • Made with organic, sustainable ingredients
  • Provides complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber, to help keep you full
  • Delicious and crunchy
  • High in protein
  • Provides a great source of iron, zinc, and B vitamins
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Make a Positive Impact With Eat Your Beer

Whether you’re looking for a great snack or an easy way to make a positive environmental impact, Eat Your Beer is an excellent choice. Their bars are a delicious, nutritious way to do something good for the planet while satisfying your snack cravings.

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