Discovering L.A.'s Hidden Brewery

Discover the hidden gem of Los Angeles, the Bonaventure Brewing Company! Located on the fourth floor of Los Angeles' largest hotel, this craft ale house has been a staple in the city for over 10 years, yet remains largely unknown to many inhabitants. Come join in on the secret and sample their selection of delicious craft brews!

For over a decade now, the Bonaventure Brewing Company has been a hidden gem in the heart of Los Angeles. Located on the fourth floor of the historic Bonaventure Hotel, the Brewers are passionate about crafting unique ales that are quickly becoming a favorite of the city’s craft beer fans.

Bonaventure Brewery History

The Bonaventure Brewing Company was founded in 2008 by homebrewers Marino Bettencourt and Oskar Johnson, who started selling their beer in 2009. The pair began the brewing journey with small batches of American-Style Ale, eventually evolving their production to a full-scale brewery. Marino is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara, while Oskar is a UC Davis graduate. Both now play integral roles in Bonaventure Brewing Co.’s taproom and operations.

Varieties of Beer Offered

Bonaventure Brewing Company produces a variety of styles of beer, from IPAs to Porters. The brewery’s flag-ship beers are its Golden Ale, Penn Punch and the seasonal Bonaventure Pale Ale. The Bonaventure lineup also includes other seasonal favorites such as Bonaventure Brown Ale and Bonaventure Wheat Ale. The Brewers also offer an international selection of beer, including a selection of rotating brews from England and Belgium. Bonaventure Brewing Co. also brews ciders, hard seltzers and a variety of seasonal releases.

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Tasting Room

Bonaventure Brewing Co. has a full-service tasting room located on the fourth floor of the Bonaventure Hotel. The tasting room is a great place to sample a variety of Bonaventure’s craft beers and ciders, as well as rotating seasonal beers. The brewers behind Bonaventure also run a beer education program that is aimed at teaching Los Angeles newcomers the basics of beer appreciation. The program is both fun and interactive, and it’s a great way to learn more about craft beer while enjoying a Bonaventure brew.

Bonaventure on the Go.

In addition to the Bonaventure tasting room, Bonaventure Brewing Co. also offers beer-to-go services. The Bonaventure to-go menu includes a variety of styles of beer, from IPAs to Porters. They also offer a selection of growlers and bottles to go, so you can enjoy your favorite Bonaventure brews from the comfort of your own home.


Bonaventure Brewing Co. also hosts a variety of events throughout the year. From beer tastings to educational beer classes, the Bonaventure Brewing Co. team is always looking for ways to bring craft beer culture to the Los Angeles area and celebrate the city’s vibrant craft beer culture.

Why Choose Bonaventure Brewing Co?

When it comes to craft beer in Los Angeles, Bonaventure Brewing Co. stands out among the crowd. With a wide selection of craft beer, a knowledgeable team, and events that are sure to please, Bonaventure Brewing Co. is an experience that you won’t want to miss. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose Bonaventure Brewing Co.:

  • Wide selection of craft beer and ciders
  • Seasonal favorites that offer a unique twist on traditional beer styles
  • Knowledgeable and passionate craft beer-loving Brewers and staff
  • Events such as beer tastings, educational classes, and more
  • A variety of beer and growlers to go, perfect for any occasion
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Whether you’re in the mood to sample a variety of unique ales or want to take home a growler of your favorite beer, Bonaventure Brewing Company is the place to be. So come on up to the fourth floor of the historic Bonaventure Hotel and give Bonaventure Brewing Co. a try – you won’t be disappointed!

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