Epic Ales: Challenging Beer Tradition

Cody Morris of Seattle is brewing beer with a unique twist: bringing the Japanese flavor of Umami to beer. Epic Ales has taken the already popular craft beer industry up a notch, and with the addition of Umami, the brewery is sure to become a fan favorite. Come experience the Epic Ales difference, and transform your beer drinking experience into true epicurean delight!

At Epic Ales, they’re more intrigued by the flavor possibilities of beer than they are by conforming to traditional beer customs. In fact, when founder and lead brewer Cody Morris describes some of the beers that he produces, he talks about them in terms of “umami.”

For the uninitiated, umami is a savory flavor that describes the rich tasting sensation of food, much like other well-known flavors such as sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Umami flavor is the unique quality that differentiates Epic Ales from other breweries.

History of Epic Ales

Cody Morris first opened Epic Ales in Seattle, WA in 2012. After spending the previous two decades working in various professional kitchens professional in the gourmet food industry, Morris’ view of beer was that it deserved just as much respect for its flavor possibilities as traditional cuisine.

With his background in food and flavors, Morris began to experiment with beer recipes that went beyond the traditional. His goal was to make beers where the flavor descriptors go beyond the typical adjectives and get into the deeper, more layered flavor realms of umami.

Types of Epic Ales available

Epic Ales produces a variety of different beers ranging from ales and lagers to fruit flavored beers, sours, and ciders. All of their beers are brewed to bring out the unique flavors that come with the type of ingredients used, such as the roasted malts, hops, spices, grains and fruits.

  • The café series is a selection of light beers infused with coffee.
  • The sour series is a selection of sour beers that vary in their levels of tartness.
  • The hop series is a selection of heavily hopped beers.
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In addition to those varieties, Epic Ales also produces a variety of seasonal and special releases that experiment with new and interesting ingredients.

Where to Find Epic Ales

Epic Ales can be found in many places throughout the Seattle area, including:

  • Bellevue Brewing Supply
  • Hop & Hound
  • Redhook Brewery
  • West Seattle Brews
  • The Beer Junction
  • Brouwer's Cafe
  • Full Throttle Bottles

Epic Ales can also be found in other locations throughout Washington and Oregon, as well as in select cities in California, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Montana and Alaska.

The Epic Ales Experience

Epic Ales is a journey of exploration into the world of craft beer. Morris has crafted his beers to stand out from the rest, using bold flavors that excite the palate. His love of beer has led him to create some of the most unique and flavorful beers available.

From the light and refreshing café series to the sour and tart sours series, Epic Ales will take you on an adventure of your senses. With its array of tantalizing flavors, Epic Ales beer is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Final Thoughts

Epic Ales has something for everyone who enjoys the taste of beer. The brewery offers a wide variety of styles and unique flavors that are sure to please all beer drinkers. Epics Ales takes beer beyond traditional styles and expectations, pushing the boundaries of beer to offer a new kind of beer drinking experience that you won't forget.

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