Fowling: A Sport to Sip On

Experience something new this weekend - the ultimate hybrid of two classic sports: bowling and football. Gather your friends, order a beer from the Fowling Warehouse's expansive selection - boasting over 180 brands - and try your hand at this unique activity. But beware - it might be hard to go back to regular bowling and football!

Sports and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly. So, it is no wonder that football and bowling—two classic tailgating pastimes—would be combined to create a new hybrid sport—Fowling. Growing in popularity and available for anyone to play is Fowling, a mixture of football and bowling, and the best place to play it is at the Fowling Warehouse in Detroit, Michigan.

The Birth Of Fowling

The sport of Fowling was the creation of Chris Hutt, from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Chris always had a remote control football game at his tailgates and house parties, but it had grown a bit stale. One day, while he was putting away his football game and bowling ball into a single storage bin, the lightbulb in his head lit up. He thought of a way to combine two of his favorite tailgating attractions—football and bowling—into one sport and he subsequently gave birth to the sport of Fowling.

Chris explained the ideas of playing football in lanes with bowling pins to a few of his tailgating buddies, and it sparked a huge interest. He found some people willing to help him develop the sport and they created an alley out of PVC pipe which they tested out in his backyard.

Seeing the immediate success of this makeshift Fowling court in his backyard, the group knew they had something special. The team started to plan how they were going to launch the game in the public sector and the Fowling Warehouse was born. It was America’s first lane to play Fowling, and it opened in Eastpointe, Michigan in 2010.

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What is Fowling

Fowling is a hybrid of Bowling and Football. To play, you roll a regulation-size football down a lane, aiming for 10 regulation-size bowling pins arranged in triangle formation. You get 3 attempts per frame, the same as in several versions of bowling. A strike (knocking all pins down with a single throw) is counted as 10 and a spare (knocking all pins down on the second throw) is counted as 5 points with all other pins knocked down counting for 1. Fowling has yet to become part of the Olympics, but for backyard tailgates, family reunions and weekday trips to the Fowling Warehouse it makes the perfect casual game.

The Fowling Warehouse

The Fowling Warehouse was originally located in Eastpointe, MI and it started with six lanes. The space was so popular, they decided to move to a larger facility located in Detroit. Now they offer 20 lanes, a massive map-covered floor, and game tables.

At the Fowling Warehouse in Detroit, you can find plenty of attractions and it has become more than just a sports bar. They have a light up dance floor, a selfie booth, and an arcade. You can also rent one of the Fowling lanes for private events, such as birthdays, corporate parties, or even holiday parties.

Playing Fowling at the Fowling Warehouse is an experience like no other. With 20 lanes, there is plenty of room for you and your friends to have a competition. The mechanics of Fowling takes little practice, but it does take skill. Whether you are a master of the game or a newbie, the Fowling Warehouse should be at the top of your list for a great time.

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The Beer at Fowling Warehouse

The Fowling Warehouse has an extensive selection of 180 craft, imported and domestic beers so you can choose the perfect pairing for the game. The beer list includes many local Detroit microbrews, as well as a full bar. If beer isn’t your thing, there are also wine and spirits available, plus specialty cocktails and mocktails.

It is important to note that the Fowling Warehouse is not a traditional sports bar. There are no TVs, and the sound system is setup so you can play your favorite tunes. This encourages people to be social and play the game together. After all, Fowling is best enjoyed with some camaraderie.

How To Prepare For Fowling

Fowling can be played by anyone, regardless of age or skill level. However, there are a few tips that could help you become a better Fowler. It is important to remember that Fowling is a mentally engaging game that has both physical and mental components. Taking a few

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